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Tuesday Tip–by Elayna

December 20, 2011

My Mom started a nice private little Mother Daughter tradition between us back when I was in school that I keep going today.and I wanted to share it with you.. She and   I would go to LL Bean together every fall to get things for school.. And she knew that Lanz flannel nightgowns were THE thing all the girls wore back at school. Since it was a women s college.. During exam times your outfit consisted of your Lanz flannel nightgown, topsiders and your long wool dress coat and scarf to go to the library to study.. where they had comfy off white couches you could claim for the whole exam period.. leave your books there and just leave to eat and sleep!

Consequently everybody went to the dining hall in that outfit too! We loved those days! My Mom belonged at a womens college herself with her independence and her leadership potential if you aak me!  Shed have made a good woman to run for office! A force to reckon with!

Mom would make sure when I was distracted at Beans…she picked out a warm fluffy new Lanz flannel nightgown for me and would spirit away until Christmas Eve..

She d leave a candle lit in my bathroom with a fragrant bubble bath… some paperwhites she d potted and grown just for me..a cool soft drink.. And a small plate of a snack like cheese and crackers…Mom loved cheese ;)…These would be in a pretty little arrangement on the sink countertop… in my bathroom at our house I grew up in..

With the sunken red jacuzzi bath ..snow white counters and floors that my Mom picked out when it was built in the 70s!

I would find  a beautifully wrapped Christmas gift left there for me..with a card from Mom.. Left quietly with love.. And she d slip away to the mad wrapping frenzy in her room for the was our private Mother Daughter moment.. And tradition.. And Id smile.. Light the candles by the bath.. And nibble on the goodies while soaking for a break in my nice hot bubble bath.. courtesy of Mom..

Then Id unwrap what I knew would be my nightgown from her..

But it didnt take away from the specialness of that moment and the love she put into it..every year.. Id snuggle into my new warm cozy nightgown.. And then slip into MY room for the mad wrapping frenzy that would go on in THERE all night.

Sometimes we d actually have to call each other on the phone to ask each other something! Tvs on and peeking in with our eyes covered if we HAD to ask something of the other in person or just to tease that we were peeking! Sometimes cuz we missed each other..

I could feel the love and my Moms hug with that tradition every year.. And so.. This year.. having just lost my fate would have it..about a week ago.. Just around the time when we d go to LL
Bean in the days before we all started ordering online.. I found myself in the store.. And when her favorite Christmas hymn came on.. O Holy Night.. there I was next to the Lanz fla nightgown display.

I felt Mom with me…
smiled…and her Spirit reached out and my hand touched the flannel nightgown I think she would have gotten for me. to keep Moms tradition going! She was hugging me then.. I just knew it!

I have my paperwhites..though they re in a ready made kit.. All set to go.. I have my candle and cheese and crackers in stock..some sparkling water.. and some bubble bath..!

Mom.. You ll be with me still.. on Christmas Eve this week!  Ill feel your hug.. and your love..with your tradition..we ll continue it together.. My Lanz flannel nightgown…from My Mom.  🙂

Thanks Mom.. XO Laynie…

Start your own tradition.. Whether with your Daughter.. Mother.. Sister.. Friend.. Those little moments are what we cherish and remember most..of all..

This was and continues to be.. my favorite at Christmas.. with my Mom..and I thought Id share it with you.. A tip from me to you..

Something you ll cherish too.. Your own Christmas Eve tradition.. When we are all so busy..find a way to give a special someone a hug from you to them.. In some way.. Just for a minute.. Stop time..start a tradition between you and them that can continue a lifetime! You ll never forget it..!    Me xo