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Tuesday Tip–Scripture Study

September 20, 2011

Hi Ladies!  This week Sue Gong is going to share with us her pearls of wisdom.  Below is her Tuesday Tip:

Do you find it hard to read the scriptures?  Take a tip from Ben.  He says, “I have to read in the morning because by the time my day starts everything is moving too fast.  If I waited I would never get my scripture reading done.”

–Other people say that they take their scriptures to work and read them at lunch.  They say that the important thing is to have a regular time.  Make it a habit that’s hard to break.  Same time.  Same place. Every day.
–One person I know reads the scriptures on her knees.  She prays, then reads, then prays some more.  The scriptures are just part of her back-and-forth conversation with God.
–Another friend of mine reads the scriptures with a pen and notebook in hand.  She says the Lord gives her spiritual messages when she’s reading, and she has to hurry and get them on paper before she forgets.  “It’s a matter of priority,” she says.  “When the Lord gives me his list, I do it first. His work gets done before mine does.  Somehow when I have requests I feel confident that I can make them known to him.”
— One woman writes a scripture on a piece of paper and tapes it to her bathroom mirror.  Every time she enters the room she takes a minute to memorize her scripture.  When she has it memorized, she takes it down and puts it into her backlog pile.  After two or three new scriptures she takes an old one from the backlog pile and puts it up so she can rememorize it.
–An old trick we tried in seminary was to put the scriptures to song and sing them out loud.  It was amazing to hear my own children singing the old seminary scripture songs years after they were out of school.
I guess the lesson is that there as many ways to read the scriptures as there are personalities. What remains the same is the light and peace that floods into our lives when we are reading and praying consistently.  If you have a unique method of scripture reading, please take a minute and add it to this blog.