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Tuesday Tips from a not-so Hints from Heloise Blogger

May 24, 2011

I wish I had more to offer on tips but here are a few that I have figured out on my own.  In time I will have more to offer up.

  • Hanging curtains on white metal curtain rods:  If you have ever struggled trying to get a woven fabric curtain on the metal rods that have sharp/blunt edges which catch the fabric, you may find that it can be a struggle to run the rod  through the rod pocket of the curtain because it keeps catching.  Hint:   tightly wrap a small piece of plastic wrap i.e. Saran Wrap around the end of the rod and hold the plastic wrap in place with a small elastic rubber band, now run the rod through the curtain rod pocket and voila!
  • Winkled Clothing/Towels:  To lessen chances of major wrinkles in clothes after the dryer cycle is completed,  shake each individual item (i.e. wrinkled, twisted shirts, jeans, pants, towels) when transferring the clothes from the washer machine to the dryer.  Remove clothes immediately after dryer cycle is complete.
  • For Husbands – Painting/Staining steps on a stairway:  If you have only one stairway in your home that creates a hardship if it is “out of commission due to a makeover, i.e. painting or renovating, paint or stain every other step on the stairway.  Allow to dry, then paint the rest of the steps.  That way you can use the unpainted/dry steps to get up and down the stairs while waiting for the other steps to dry.  This happened to my mom years ago and I suggested that she do this.  She thought this was one of the most ingenious suggestions she ever heard.   (I call it common sense.)  Whatever!