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Wednesday Words: Trials, Optimism

December 12, 2012

posted by Kelsie Belanger

These are bits and pieces from an April, 2000 General Conference talk I came across a few weeks ago. It’s given by Sister Coleen K. Menlove and can be found here.

It contains a message I really needed.

The Savior, Jesus Christ, showed us the way to happiness and told us everything we need to do to be happy. As we study the teachings of the Savior and thereby understand the purpose of our existence, we feel and express our happiness.

Our prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley, is the very essence of a glad heart. He has written: “I am an optimist! … My plea is that we stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. I am suggesting that as we go through life, we ‘accentuate the positive’”

Elder Richard G. Scott said: “Your joy in life depends upon your trust in Heavenly Father and His holy Son, your conviction that their plan of happiness truly can bring you joy” (“Finding Joy in Life,” Ensign, May 1996, 24).

Through the Savior we can find our way back to God. We can find peace and happiness in this life and eternal joy in the world to come. That thought, in and of itself, warms my heart and makes me smile.

As we come to understand the great plan of happiness, we will radiate, for all the world to see, a glad heart and a cheerful countenance. We will show that we know the gospel of Jesus Christ is a simple, ever-present source of true happiness today and ever after in eternity. It is living the gospel of Jesus Christ that is our guarantee of living “happily ever after.” Of this I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Wednesday Words: What Think Ye of Christ?

December 5, 2012

Our lesson on Sunday began with this video, and then the question: What think ye of Christ?



At the beginning of this Christmas season, what think ye of Christ?

Wednesday words-respect

November 7, 2012

Today I am thinking a lot about respect.  A few years ago we were in a ward in the deserts of California and we really loved the people there.  However, when it came to politics many of them seemed to leave their manners at the door every time they said or heard the name Obama.  It got so bad that there were many people seriously claiming that he was the anti Christ of our day.  We actually had to have a special sunday school lesson taught about respecting our leaders.  I was so glad that this important point was laid out for those people to see.  It is okay to say that you don’t agree with the political choices or views of others, but all people still needed to be shown respect.

I don’t have eyes and ears on everything in our ward or anything, but it seems like people have been polite so far and I love that.

Gwen’s school has been talking to the kids a lot about the election and she worried about what would happen if the candidate she liked didn’t win.  Each time I told her that both candidates are good men who seem to have the best interests of our country in mind.  What makes them different is their opinions on how to make our country great.  And I truly believe that.  When Sam and I were watching the debates I had a strong feeling that even though I liked one candidates plans for our country more than the other ones, I didn’t see the opposing candidate as bad, just different.

It doesn’t bother me to tell you that I didn’t vote for Obama.  I can appreciate some of the things that President Obama is trying to do and the fact that now he has more time to do what he has been trying to accomplish.  I hope that with the election over we can show our President the respect he deserves and pray for him to seek Gods influence to help him make the best decisions possible for our country.

Wednesday Words: Word of Wisdom

October 17, 2012

Friends, as a church we are often known for our abstinence from coffee and alcohol and cigarettes. President George Albert Smith said this:

I look upon the Word of Wisdom as kind advice of our Father in heaven, who desires to see His children become more like Him. … I take it as the fatherly counsel of one who, knowing what I needed, said to me: “My son, these things are not good for you, and if you will avoid them I will give you the companionship of my Holy Spirit and joy while you live in the world and in the end eternal life.” How foolish I would be then to partake of these forbidden things, having the assurance that it is the counsel of the Lord I should abstain therefrom. I would feel under condemnation if I should partake of them, when He who knows better than anybody else says that they are harmful, and has warned me against them. …

… He thought it of enough importance to give it unto us, and to warn us, and if He who knows all things thought it necessary to give advice and counsel upon these temporal matters, how carefully we, who know not what the morrow has in store for us, should observe that divine counsel. I feel that the Latter-day Saints have in the Word of Wisdom a law that will exalt them and lift them above those who fail to keep it.

But the word of wisdom encompasses so much more than abstinence from harmful substances. The abstinence part is “adapted to the capacity of the weak or the weakest of all,” but surely, so are the other parts of it–the things we should be doing.

Our Heavenly Father not only tells us what we should avoid, but tells us what we may use with profit. He has said to us that all grain, all wholesome herbs, the fruit of the vine etc., are good for man. Flesh of beast and fowls of the air; and these things he refers to we may use with prudence and thanksgiving; and I want to emphasize with thanksgiving.

We observe that compliance with the laws of health produces mental and physical strength, and we discover that through disobedience thereto, mental and physical deterioration follows. It is our Creator, the Father of our spirits, who gave us opportunity to dwell upon this earth, who has said that certain things referred to in that revelation are not good for us. He has made us valuable promises, if we will obey this law,—promises of wisdom, of health and strength, and that the destroying angel shall pass us by and not hurt us, as he did the children of Israel.

I’m grateful for the word of wisdom. I have felt the power of it, with high energy, quick healing from injuries, clarity of mind and purpose, and strength.


Wednesday Weekly Announcements

September 12, 2012

9-12 RS Potluck and Technology 6:30 p.m. Tonight!!! Tonight!!
Bring ipads, iphones. Ward experts Kelsey Belanger and Jeffra Kill will teach us and answer our questions. Please come and visit even if you are not needing techno help because you are savvy or maybe you don’t own one or the other like myself. .  but I am still going okay.

Do you need a babysitter during the activity? Please reply TODAY to so I know if my husband needs to come and babysit. 
MOPS (mothers of portsmouth) Our ward playgroup is having a fall kickoff brunch at the church this thursday the 13th (tomorrow) at 9:30 am. Bring your kiddos and something to eat. 🙂
Two temple trips this month.

9-15 Stake RS temple Trip
Endowment sessions at 2 and 4 pm  Dessert and speaker following the last session.

9-22 Ward Temple Trip
Sessions at 2 and 4 pm OR arrive early and be ready for baptisms at 12 noon.
Babysitting swap planned so parents can attend one of the two sessions. Please reply to if you are wanting to be apart of this.

9-15 Lawrence Ward International Festival  5 -10:15  Food at 5. Dance 7-10. All are welcome! Yummy food and great company visiting with other stake members.

Emergency Essentials Order Due Sept 22. Please see Tracy Smith in the library to place a food storage order.

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS this week going out to:
Cheryl Lees  9/10                 Sue Bilodeau 9/15

Wednesday Words: Work

September 6, 2012

You know the phrase, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”? On Saturday at our home, Mama wasn’t happy.

We had planned on going somewhere special that day, but the floor needed to be swept, and the grass needed to be mown, and the laundry needed to be done, and nothing had been dusted or vacuumed in some time, not to mention the state of the bedrooms. Yikes. I called the adventure off, because it seemed like people believed we could play all the time, and the house would magically clean itself. So we had a frank talk at lunch about work, and about stewardship and taking care of the things that God has given us, including our bodies, our toys, our home, our yard.

Funny how our lesson on Sunday was about work. Work is a blessing, giving us purpose and satisfaction and meaning. One of the most important things we can do as parents is to teach our children how to work. Sadly, it’s not always an easy lesson to learn.

Of course, one could still wish the house would magically clean itself…


Wednesday Words by Pam

July 25, 2012

Our Sunday lesson in RS was taken from President Boyd K Packer’s address at our latest general conference entitled “And a Little Child Shall Lead Them”. I will put some important quotes from this talk below.

The ultimate end of all activity in the Church is to see a husband and his wife and their children happy at home, protected by the principles and laws of the gospel, sealed safely in the covenants of the everlasting priesthood. Husbands and wives should understand that their first calling—from which they will never be released—is to one another and then to their children.

One of the great discoveries of parenthood is that we learn far more about what really matters from our children than we ever did from our parents. We come to recognize the truth in Isaiah’s prophecy that “a little child shall lead them.”4


I was number 10 in a family of 11 children. So far as I know, neither my father nor my mother served in a prominent calling in the Church.

Our parents served faithfully in their most important calling—as parents. Our father led our home in righteousness, never with anger or fear. And the powerful example of our father was magnified by the tender counsel of our mother. The gospel is a powerful influence in the life of every one of us in the Packer family and to the next generation and the next generation and the next, as far as we have seen.

I hope to be judged as good a man as my father. Before I hear those words “well done” from my Heavenly Father, I hope to first hear them from my mortal father.


Fathers and mothers, next time you cradle a newborn child in your arms, you can have an inner vision of the mysteries and purposes of life. You will better understand why the Church is as it is and why the family is the basic organization in time and in eternity. I bear witness that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true, that the plan of redemption, which has been called the plan of happiness, is a plan for families. I pray the Lord that the families of the Church will be blessed, parents and children, that this work will roll forth as the Father intends. I bear this witness in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Wednesday Words: The Living Christ

July 18, 2012

I was away for an alumni mini-residency at Vermont College of Fine Arts this past weekend. The schedule was packed, but there were enough members of the church there that we received permission from the local bishop to hold our own sacrament meeting in a lounge early Sunday morning.

After partaking of the sacrament, we shared scriptures and testimonies. One sister recited The Living Christ. It was one of the most spiritual meetings I’ve ever had the privilege of attending, and it’s made me want to learn The Living Christ as well. Anyone else want to memorize it with me?


Wednesday Words by Pam

June 20, 2012

Our lesson this week was entitled “An Enthusiastic Desire to Share the  Gospel”

We had an interesting discussion on the fears we have to share the gospel and how we know we should do it, but often our insecurities get in the way.   The following is a story about George Albert Smith and the kind of missionary he was. May we all try to emulate him and others like him.

A close friend of George Albert Smith wrote: “President George Albert Smith is a natural missionary. From his youth he has had an ardent desire to share the teachings of the gospel with his fellow men, to make known to ‘the sons and daughters of God,’ all of whom he considers to be his brothers and sisters, the truths that were revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith.

“On several occasions I have had the privilege of traveling on the train with President Smith. Each time I observed that as soon as the journey was well underway, he would take a few gospel tracts from his bag, put them into his pocket, and then move about among the passengers. In his friendly, agreeable manner he would soon make the acquaintance of a fellow traveler, and in a short time I would hear him relating the story of the founding of the Church by the Prophet Joseph Smith or telling of the exodus of the Saints from Nauvoo and their trials and difficulties in crossing the plains to Utah or explaining some of the gospel principles to his new-found friend. Conversation after conversation would follow with one passenger after another until the journey was ended. In my entire acquaintance with President Smith, which has extended more than forty years, I have learned that wherever he is, he is first and foremost a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”1

It was also written of President Smith: “He would talk religion with a chimneysweep who was working at his home. Seldom did he miss an opportunity to explain the ‘eternal truths of the restored gospel’ to either friend or stranger. From his point of view, this was the ultimate kindness, for the message of Christ was the most significant gift he had to give.”2

Wednesday Words: Revelation

June 13, 2012

President George Albert Smith said in the October 1945 General Conference , “The companionship of the spirit of the Lord is an antidote for weariness, … for fear and all those things that sometimes overtake us in life.”

If you’re feeling weary or fearful or overtaken by the details of life, as I have been these past few weeks, it’s time for some quiet contemplation with the Spirit of the Lord.