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Monday Menu-Food storage soup

November 1, 2012

During the storm we used everything we could from the fridge at dinner to try and keep the food from spoiling.  But I’ve been wanting to try and make some dinner from my food storage.  If the power went out for more than a day, I’d need to have that skill.  So last night I found this crockpot sausage and potato recipe and gave it a try.  I adapted it to use with my food storage.  Here is what I came up with

Sausage & Hash Brown Soup

2 cups Freeze-dried pork sausage crumbles

2 cups dehydrated hash brown potatoes

1/4 cup dehydrated onions

1/2 tsp celery seed

7 baby carrots chopped (or 1 cup dehydrated or freeze-dried carrots)

7 cups of chicken broth (or 7 cups of water with bouillon according to package direction)



I just tossed all of the stuff into the crock pot and let it simmer on low for the whole afternoon.

The recipe suggested serving the soup with Cheddar cheese, salt, pepper or milk (You could use dry milk, or evaporated milk)

We liked it just the way it was and loved the idea of having a pot of soup cooking on the stove all afternoon in the event that the power goes out because it could help to keep the house warm.

So try out the soup and add it to the wonderful food storage recipes we got at our mid week activity a few months ago.  Thank you to our wonderful Relief Society presidency for making that activity happen.  I’m feeling more self reliant already 🙂


  • The next RS midweek activity is about 2 weeks away on November 14th.  It will be at 6:30pm and CHILDCARE IS PROVIDED (yippee!!!)  It is a service activity and we have been asked to sign up for 1 service that we need and 1 service that we are willing to share.  It sounds like this is going to be a great way for us to get to know each other, share with others, and receive help with something we are in need/want of.  No service it too big or too little.  (A social visit, sewing lesson, babysitting, yard work, a ride to the temple…)
  • The boy scouts will be collecting food for a local food pantry this month.  I don’t remember all the details on this, (I should because I think Sam is the scout master be he hasn’t said anything about it to me.)  Chery Caramagno made the announcement about it in RS on Sunday, so if you ask her about it I’m sure she would be happy to tell you all about it.





Erin Lamb’s White Bean and Chicken Soup

September 19, 2012

One day Erin brought me this soup and it was so yummy I requested the recipe.  I hope you like it too.-Bri Lee

White Bean and Chicken Soup:

1 T. olive oil
1 Medium onion, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
2 chicken breasts, cooked and chopped (I usually use a rotisserie chicken)
1 (16 oz) pkg. frozen white corn
2 (15 oz) cans Great Northern beans, undrained
1 (7 oz) can diced green chilies
1/2 t. cumin
1/2 t. oregano
3 C. chicken broth
2 T. lime juice

Topping recommendations:
Grated Monterey Jack Cheese
Baked corn tortilla chips
Plain yogurt
Green onion, chopped

In a large pot saute onion and garlic in olive oil.  Add chopped chicken, corn, beans, green chilies, spices, broth and lime juice.  Stir until well blended.  Bring to a boil, and then turn heat to low and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes.  Serve with desired toppings.


Announcements for the week-

  • Our Ward Temple Trip will be this Saturday starting at 1:00 PM and we would like to encourage everyone to attend. Ideally we would like everyone to be participate in all the ordinances and activities but realize that this may not be possible for everyone. Please make a particular effort to attend the endowment session and the closing session at 5:00 PM with a member of the Temple Presidency.

Temple Trip Schedule:
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM : Baptisms
– We will be combined with Wolfborough who are scheduled between 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM
1:30 PM – 2:45 PM : Initiatories
– Initiatories will ongoing during the afternoon
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM : Ward endowment session
– The session should finish at about 4:30 PM
Following the endowment session will be dinner in the cafeteria. They will be serving “Cafe Rio.”
5:00 PM – 5:30 PM : A member of the Temple Presidency will be speaking to us.

  • This coming Sunday is Ward conference, if you need to make an appointment to see a member of the Stake presidency, please contact Bro. Simms
  • Book club October 11th

We are reading, The House of Mirth, by Edith Wharton.
First published in 1905,The House of Mirth shocked the New York society it so deftly chronicles, portraying the moral, social, and economic restraints on a woman who dared to claim the privileges of marriage without assuming the responsibilities. Lily Bart, beautiful, witty, and sophisticated, is accepted by “old money” and courted by the growing tribe of nouveaux riches. But as she nears 30, her foothold becomes precarious; a poor girl with expensive tastes, she needs a husband to preserve her social standing and to maintain her life in the luxury she has come to expect. While many have sought her, something—fastidiousness or integrity—prevents her from making a “suitable” match.

All women invited.

  • Emergency Essentials Order Due Sept 22. Please see Tracy Smith in the library to place a food storage order.


July 23, 2012

Emergency Essentials order is due this coming Sunday, the 29th.  Give your orders to Sis. Smith in the library.

There will be a linger longer this Sunday after church. Please bring two items of food to the linger longer for all to enjoy.

The next RS activity will take place Wednesday, Aug. 8th at 6:30. We will demonstrate how to use your Emergency Essentials items for every day eating.

Joy Gleason is going to the storehouse/cannery in Worcester on September 8th to can some food for her food storage. She is willing to pick up items for people.  There are copies of the order form  in the library of the items available at the cannery and their prices.  If you are interested, fill out the order form and give the  money to Joy no later than August 31st.

There will be a Stake RS temple trip on September 15th and a ward temple trip on the following Saturday, September 22nd.

The Young Women still need canning jars, both wide mouth and regular mouth in quart and pint sizes.  They don’t need the lids.

They would like to borrow sewing sheers for the weekend of the YW conference next month.   They will be returned promptly.

There is still a need for yard length pieces of fleece for the YW conference, too.

Please bring all items to the YW room.

Sister spotlight- Sarah Millet

June 3, 2012

Here is a sister spotlight on Sarah Millet.  It’s in her own words, enjoy-

I grew up in Eagle, Idaho, a town next to Boise, Idaho. I have two older brothers and two younger sisters. My mom is a music teacher, so she taught us all to play musical instruments. I learned the piano and violin at age three and four and later learned the flute at school. Music was a big part of our family life. My mom started orchestra programs in the Eagle and Meridian area and we were very much involved in all of the many orchestra concerts.
When I was in high school my family moved to Preston, Idaho, a small Mormon town by the Utah-Idaho border. After high school I went to Idaho State University and studied music (big surprise).  I met my husband Jon the semester before I graduated. He was a new convert in my singles ward. He is from Maine, but came ISU to study pharmacy. He had many LDS friends at ISU and ended up joining the church. I knew of him, but never met him until my roommate invited him to her birthday party. We realized we had a lot in common. We became good friends, and then had an on-off again relationship.
The next semester I moved to Las Vegas to do my student teaching. Las Vegas had a huge demand for music teachers and has a wonderful, expanding music program in the schools. I was planing on getting a teaching job there when I was finished with my student teaching, but my plans changed. The saying “absence makes the heart grow stronger”  was so true for Jon and I. We were talking on the phone constantly, and he came to visit twice. He was my biggest support. I flew back to Idaho during my spring break, and on April 6th, Jon proposed. I graduated in May, and we were married August 4, 2007 in the Logan Utah temple. Before Jon and I became serious, Jon had already made plans to move back to Maine, so when we were engaged, I decided to follow him here. The rest is history! Addison was born a little more than a year later on September 7th and  I have really learned to love New England. I now love the New England beaches just as much as the Idaho mountains.



By way of announcements-

This Saturday is the scout’s garage sale,

  • Donations are still being accepted, so if you have anything you want to donate, bring it to the church.
  • Donation items can also include baked goods.  Please have them individually wrapped in disposable packaging to make it easier on everyone involved with the sale.  (They don’t want to accidentally sell your favorite pan or serving dish.)
  • If you have a scout, he needs to be at the church this Thursday, June 7th at 6:30 to help with pricing everything for the sale.   This is a VERY big job and they will need all the help they can get.
  • Also, if you have a scout, he will need to be at the church building this Saturday, June 9th by 7:30AM to help get the items ready for the sale to open at 8:00
  • If nothing else, come to shop at the garage sale.  It is this Saturday, June 9th from 8AM-2PM
  • If there are any questions please call Sister Caramagno.  She is working really hard to make this a success.


April 23, 2012

A few years ago My Mom got me a subscription to Disney’s Family Fun magazine.  We have enjoyed it, here is one of the recipes we found in it.  It is just a guide to making foil dinners and it has some flavor combination ideas.  My kids love it and every time we make them they like me to pull out these pages so they can visually see what seasoning/sauces they want me to prepare and they love deciding for themselves what veggies they will put in their dinner and how much.

Here is the link to the recipes on the Family Fun Website.  Hopefully this reference will give you some good ideas for your next camping trip, backyard BBQ, or even a fun FHE dinner cooked in the oven.


  • No emergency Essential orders this month
  • There will be a linger longer on April 29th
  • If you have any infant girl clothes that you can donate, please bring them in so we can get them to a little girl in need.
  • If you have any garage sale type items you are willing to donate, the boy scouts will be having a garage sale soon and would like any items you are willing to give them.  Bri and Sam Lee will be collecting the donations at their home.  Please bring them by or call them to schedule a pick up.
  • Please make sure to check the building cleaning schedule to see when it is your turn to make our building a nice place to be.

Announcements and a few changes…

April 9, 2012

1. Stake Conference is coming up the weekend of April 21 and 22. Mark your calendars!

2. Our mid-week activity will be this Wednesday at 6:30. We’ll be having a wheat workshop taught by Kashann Casper.

3. The Emergency Essentials order did not go through, as they were out of stock. Sister Smith will be returning checks.

4. The MOPS group has an on-going mall-walking date on Thursdays at 9:30

5. Book group on Thursday evening at Kristie J.’s house.


Let me know if I’ve missed any announcements!


We’re going to make a few changes to the blog, as this has been a year-long experiment. Namely, we’ll be posting fewer times each week (M-W-F), and the format will be a bit more open. We’ll continue to have a Monday recipe, and a Wednesday spiritual thought, whether that’s a recap of a lesson or a talk, or simply a quote. Friday will be a free-for-all.

Please comment if you have any thoughts about the format or any suggestions for us!


June 20, 2011

1. Mothers Group: Wednesday, June 22 10:00 am at Jen Lyon’s home at 33 Newton Plains in Lee, NH. Call her if you need directions. 397-5074

2. Pancake breakfast July 4th at 9:00 am. Sign-up sheets were passed around.

3.. Senior night to honor our graduates, Taylor, Alex, and Amanda this Wednesday June 22nd 6:30 pm. Everyone is invited.

5. Have you done your visiting teaching? Please report to your supervisor.

6. The Boston temple is closed all this week and through July 4th for maintenance.


June 12, 2011

1. Mothers Groups: Wednesday, June 15 10:00 am, meet at the Portsmouth Urban Forestry Center

2. Pancake breakfast July 4th at 9:00 am. Sign-up sheets were passed around.

3. If you didn’t get one on Sunday, please make sure you grab a Ticked-Off Tick Remover from our summer safety midweek Relief Society meeting.

4. Senior night to honor our graduates, Taylor, Alex, and Amanda: June 22nd 6:30 pm.

5. Have you done your visiting teaching? Please report to your supervisors.