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Friday Favorites: Ice Cream

March 22, 2013

–by Donna Mitchell

Dear Sisters,

I just wanted you to know that Lago’s opened last Friday. We discovered this on Tuesday as we were driving south on Route 1 on our way to Home Depot and then Costco. Lago’s is far enough south that it is actually located in Rye, not Portsmouth, not too far south of the State Street Discount appliance store on Lafayette Road, but on the other side of the street.

As we were passing, my husband wondered aloud if Lago’s had opened yet, since it is seasonal. I looked carefully out my window (west side of the road) and saw the neon OPEN sign. I excitedly told him it was open and I was hungry. Since we had passed it, we turned around so that we could have our first outside-the-house ice cream of the season. Terry took a picture of me on his phone to send to some of our family and friends. I was in my red parka with the hood up since it was SNOWING.

Die-hard New Englanders and other rabid lovers of ice cream, you have been given notice. What you do with this information is up to you.