Friday Favorites–Spotlight

Our spotlight this week is our own Ashley Spencer.


I consider Virginia my home but I was born and raised in South Korea. My family and I moved to Virginia when I was thirteen years old. I don’t remember much about Korea other than that we moved a lot, every year if not twice a year, and we always lived in a small apartment on the 20th floor or higher.  I have not been back to visit since I moved here but would like to someday.
My high school years consisted of band, choir, tennis, football games and lots and lots of studying. Not having all A’s on my report card was frowned upon and a total disgrace to my parents so I was studying when I wasn’t singing or playing a tennis match. And then I went to Brigham Young University in Provo and didn’t study at all. Only joking. I did study a lot but I also had fun.
As a Chemistry major, I was living in the Benson building (chemistry building) doing chem-related things that I started dreaming about chemical reactions and quantitative analysis. So I decided to do what I love to stay balanced and sane. I joined the Women’s choir and sang for a year. I auditioned for International Folk Dance Team and danced for three years. I also joined the Foot Poetry Tap Company and tapped my little heart out for three years. I loved it so much that I didn’t ever want to leave, that is until I met Deron.
I was home for the summer but only for a month that I didn’t care to go to the singles branch. One of my friends begged me to come so I went and met Deron. We spent every day together for a month then I went back to school. Two months later, Deron came to visit and proposed. I saw him again at Christmas and met some of his family. And then we reunited three days before our wedding day. Although we spent more time away from each other than together, I knew from day one that he’s the one I should marry and be with for eternity.
Since then, we have lived in Virginia, South Carolina and now Maine. We have a two year old boy, Gavin, and we have two little ones coming sometime soon (but hopefully later). I still love the same things I loved in college, singing, dancing and chemistrying. But most of all, I love being a mom and wife.
I just wanted to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers as we prepare to meet our little ones. They are doing so great and sound happy but my body is having a hard time keeping them in. I know that whatever happens will happen and I need to trust God and accept the outcome. Thank you. We are so blessed to be a part of this wonderful ward.



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