Spotlight: Susan Grant

I have loved being in Primary and getting to know the Primary president, Sister Susan Grant. I really enjoyed reading more about her and getting to know her even more.

I was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, the youngest of 5 children. My Dad, Hayward Grant, was the first branch president in Fredericton in the 1950’s and was branch president again in the early 1960’s when we built the first phase of the  current chapel still there. We sold our TV to donate to the building fund, so when Pres. Kennedy was shot we had to go to the neighbors to watch the news on TV.  In 1962 we also traveled to SLC to be sealed in the Temple. The Salt Lake Temple was closed so we ended up going to Manti. I was 6 years old but still remember the special feeling in the temple and being taken to the sealing room to be sealed to my parents and family. We liked Utah so much that we  moved to Salt Lake City in 1965. We moved into East Mill Creek Stake where our stake president was Gordon B. Hinckley who ordained my father to the priesthood office of Seventy, in the days before the change in the organization of Seventies in stakes.

I went to Olympus High School, then University of Utah for one quarter.  I took a break from my college studies and worked for the Church on the 4th floor of the church office building in the Temple Services and Correspondence Division from January to August of 1976, and then went to BYU for a year. While at BYU my family home evening “father” was President Kimball’s grandson who I also went to high school with, and we were able to go to President Kimball’s home that Christmas season to sing Christmas carols and listen to a message from Pres. & Sister Kimball as we sat in their living room. That is an experience I treasure and will never forget as each one of us was able to talk personally to the prophet for a few minutes.

I got married in the Salt Lake Temple 1979 and had 2 girls, Natasha and Alison (Ninow). We moved to Lewiston, Maine in 1987 and had a son Christopher, in 1990. He lives with me now after graduating from UNH earlier this year. My oldest daughter lives in Brooklyn, NY and is an industrial designer, working in Manhattan.  I moved to New Hampshire and Exeter Ward in 2003 when I remarried after my first marriage ended in 1999. In 2007 I became single again and moved to Newmarket and Portsmouth Ward in 2009.

My 2nd daughter Alison married Scott Bruderer of Methuen Ward in 2008 and gave me my first and only grandchild Eliza Faith who is 2.  While in Maine I began working in a bookstore and loved it but hated the hours and having to work holidays. So I decided to become a librarian and finished my bachelors degree in history at University of Southern Maine so I could go on and get a masters degree in library science. My three children attended my graduation from USM which was very special.  I had worked on and received a certificate in genealogy from BYU in 1996 and all my credits transferred to USM which gave me an unusual degree in history with an emphasis on genealogy. I worked for 3 years at Lewiston Public Library in the Reference Department and was also able to work on the Lewiston History Database gleaning genealogy items from old newspapers.   I later finished my masters degree in library science online through Southern Connecticut State University and graduated in 2008 and became library director of the North Hampton Public Library, which is a job I love.  I was called to be Primary President in October of 2011 and I truly love working with the children and being with them each week. I would rather be a Primary teacher, but will do whatever the Lord asks me to do. I have taught early morning seminary, served as Relief Society President, been a counselor in many organizations, primary chorister, and taught Gospel Doctrine. Teaching Primary is my favorite calling.

Thanks Susan!

~Joy Gleason


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