Wednesday words-respect

Today I am thinking a lot about respect.  A few years ago we were in a ward in the deserts of California and we really loved the people there.  However, when it came to politics many of them seemed to leave their manners at the door every time they said or heard the name Obama.  It got so bad that there were many people seriously claiming that he was the anti Christ of our day.  We actually had to have a special sunday school lesson taught about respecting our leaders.  I was so glad that this important point was laid out for those people to see.  It is okay to say that you don’t agree with the political choices or views of others, but all people still needed to be shown respect.

I don’t have eyes and ears on everything in our ward or anything, but it seems like people have been polite so far and I love that.

Gwen’s school has been talking to the kids a lot about the election and she worried about what would happen if the candidate she liked didn’t win.  Each time I told her that both candidates are good men who seem to have the best interests of our country in mind.  What makes them different is their opinions on how to make our country great.  And I truly believe that.  When Sam and I were watching the debates I had a strong feeling that even though I liked one candidates plans for our country more than the other ones, I didn’t see the opposing candidate as bad, just different.

It doesn’t bother me to tell you that I didn’t vote for Obama.  I can appreciate some of the things that President Obama is trying to do and the fact that now he has more time to do what he has been trying to accomplish.  I hope that with the election over we can show our President the respect he deserves and pray for him to seek Gods influence to help him make the best decisions possible for our country.


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