Friday Spotlight: Pam B.

Friends, I wanted to spotlight our RS president this week. She is a woman I truly respect, and I’m grateful for the many long hours of service she gives to our Relief Society.


I was born in Shirley, Massachusetts at the Fort Devin’s Hospital while my father was  stationed in Japan, and except for this short time  in the Bay State, I have lived most of my life in New Hampshire, growing up in Newmarket. I have two brothers and one sister.  My mom was an inactive member of the church, and even though she told me about many its aspects, I never joined the church until I was 18 years old and a senior year in high school. I had already been accepted at BYU before I even had met the missionaries.  I guess you could say I was a golden contact. After graduating from BYU, I came back to New Hampshire (I am a New Englander through and through) and found a teaching job at Exeter High School, where I have been ever since. This is my 32nd year at EHS.
A few years later I met my husband and we were married. We had four children together, Jenny, Emily, Kelsie and Wade. We have lived in Lee for the past 22 years and love the country setting. For most of those years we lived next door to my husband’s brother and his family and across the street from my sister Patsy who moved from Utah one week before Kelsie was born. Then seven years ago I got a divorce from my husband, and the kids and I moved when I bought a home on the other side of town. We have lived here ever since and have made it our home. Two and half years ago I became a grandmother when my granddaughter Sophie was born and she now has a little brother named Garrick. When I have any free time, I spend it working on my gardens or working on my food storage with canning and vacuum sealing. I believe in being self-reliant as much as possible. I have been the relief society president for the past five years, and one of my goals is to help the sisters find ways to do that for their families.


Don’t forget this weekend is Stake Conference. 7:00 pm Saturday night for the adult session, 8:15 am Sun for youth, 9:00 for the rest of us to practice our choir piece. Have a lovely Friday!



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