Wednesday Words by Pam

Well, getting this blog out seems to be difficult for a lot of us, and it is obvious that it is for me, too.  I thought I would talk about our RS activity from Wednesday night.   Ginger wanted to share her feelings about journal writing and its importance in our lives.   She started by saying that Pres. Monson’s in his talk during General Conference, drew upon his own journals for the stories he wanted to share.  How important his journals are to him.  If they are to him, our journals are important to us.

First, all of us forget much of what happens to us in life.   I know that when I read my old journals from college, I am amazed at how much of what I wrote about I had forgotten.   Without that journal, I wouldn’t remember so much from those years I spent at BYU.  And our children.   What will we forget about their growing up?

Ginger shared another story from one of her books about writing.  In it the author talked about her grandmother and her memories of the old woman.   She knew very little about her grandmother’s life, and she certainly didn’t know about her childhood.  What could have been revealed if only her grandmother had kept a journal.

Our children might choose to tell our life’s story, but won’t it be much more accurate and interesting if we write our own story?   Keeping a journal will help us do that.

So here are some tips in keeping a journal.

Choose a journal that you will want to write in.  The choice of paper and the way it is constructed might make all the difference in your success.

Choose fun colors to write in.

Write five minutes  a day.   If you write for five minutes a day, you can fill up a whole journal and maybe more in  one year.

Have a hard time deciding what to write about?   Start with a list of things and let inspiration take control.

Write about your first memory.

Write about childhood memories.

Write about an embarrassing moment.

Write about a memorable day in your life.

Write your testimony of the gospel.

These are just a few ideas that might help you start writing in your journal and sharing who you are with your family.


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