Sister spotlight9-21-Gina Udy

Our sister spotlight is of a wonderful new member of our ward Gina Udy.  I know her as the awesome new Sunbeam teacher and have enjoyed each opportunity i have had to get to know her better.  Here is a little bio she was kind enough to write for me 


I was born in Salt Lake City and am the third of four children. I did all the things kids do, including getting lost at the mall, being bitten by a snake, and being part of a jump rope troupe. My mom was a convert to the church and was baptized when I was small. When I was five, our family went to the temple to be sealed – I can remember a few details about that day. Mostly I just remember being happy we were finally going to be “together forever.” 

There’s not much to tell about the rest of my childhood – I was happy, my family was close, we went camping and played games together. I went to junior high, then high school, then college. When I was 23 I moved out on my own. That may seem late to some people, but I went to the college near my parents’ house, and I was happy there and in no hurry to leave. Nor were they eager to have me leave – it was hard telling them I was ready to go. 

I met my husband in a single’s ward for the first time when I was 22 and he was 23, but we remained mere acquaintances for quite some time. After he’d served a mission and I had grown up a lot, we met again when we were both 25. Four months later we were married! We both worked and he went to school. In spring 2003 he graduated from the University of Utah with his mechanical engineering degree. In September 2003, he got a job offer from Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and we moved across the country to beautiful Maine. I was six months pregnant with my oldest daughter, Kamber. I cried when we moved. A lot. And then I cried some more. Blasted pregnancy hormones! Finally, after about two years of pining for “home” I realized I kind of was “home” in Maine. Then we had our younger daughter, Taylor. They both bring us a lot of joy…and a lot of laughs. 

A little over a year ago we decided to move closer to the shipyard. I never dreamed it would take so long to finally find “the” house, but it’s definitely where we’re supposed to be. Now I’m enjoying some quiet time in the mornings while the girls are at school (Taylor comes home before lunch). Some of my favorite hobbies are sewing, reading, beading, decorating, scrap-booking, gardening (so far only flowers, not veggies…but I’m working on it!), and spending time with friends. I also like to do odd jobs around the house. You could say I dabble in lots of things.Image


So if you see sister Udy in the halls, don’t forget to introduce yourself and take a moment to get to know this great new member of our ward family



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