sister spotlight: Molly Vallincourt

Molly Vallincourt is a member of our ward primary presidency currently and is my friend who lives in Durham. She is a mother of six children including one who is away serving with the military. Here is what she had to say briefly about herself.

“I was born in CA but grew up in Utah. My mom bred and showed Arabian horses and I really enjoyed growing up with those experiences. I went to what used to be Utah Valley Community College but finished my education at UNH when I moved out here with my mother. I have a degree in social work with emphasis in domestic violence. I have lived in Durham for the last 16 years. I met Joe through the missionaries who set us up. I spend a lot of time doing mom stay at home stuff. Lots of laundry and driving around. I have really enjoyed learning about food, nutrition and exercise in my spare time. Now that my youngest is in kindergarten I am thinking about eventually going back to work. However working in the field of domestic violence was very hard and I find myself thinking how much I would enjoy being a  certified personal trainer.”

I love Molly. She always has a kind word and a compliment and I always am in a better mood after running into her in the halls. Thanks for all your hard work with our primary kids and good luck on Sunday during the presentation and thanks for giving all of us parents a break for a Sunday!



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