Wednesday Weekly Announcements

9-12 RS Potluck and Technology 6:30 p.m. Tonight!!! Tonight!!
Bring ipads, iphones. Ward experts Kelsey Belanger and Jeffra Kill will teach us and answer our questions. Please come and visit even if you are not needing techno help because you are savvy or maybe you don’t own one or the other like myself. .  but I am still going okay.

Do you need a babysitter during the activity? Please reply TODAY to so I know if my husband needs to come and babysit. 
MOPS (mothers of portsmouth) Our ward playgroup is having a fall kickoff brunch at the church this thursday the 13th (tomorrow) at 9:30 am. Bring your kiddos and something to eat. 🙂
Two temple trips this month.

9-15 Stake RS temple Trip
Endowment sessions at 2 and 4 pm  Dessert and speaker following the last session.

9-22 Ward Temple Trip
Sessions at 2 and 4 pm OR arrive early and be ready for baptisms at 12 noon.
Babysitting swap planned so parents can attend one of the two sessions. Please reply to if you are wanting to be apart of this.

9-15 Lawrence Ward International Festival  5 -10:15  Food at 5. Dance 7-10. All are welcome! Yummy food and great company visiting with other stake members.

Emergency Essentials Order Due Sept 22. Please see Tracy Smith in the library to place a food storage order.

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS this week going out to:
Cheryl Lees  9/10                 Sue Bilodeau 9/15

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