Food Storage

Sticking with the RS activity this Wednesday at 6:30 pm at the church on recipes for food storage, I thought I would share my most used and favorite conversion charts for using powder milk. I hope this image works. I will also put a link below.

Here’s why I love this chart:

1 – I use powder milk ALL the time now. It is so nice to just throw in what I need with my dry ingredients and water with the wet ingredients especially if I’m low on milk and don’t want to go to the store.

2 – Sweet & condensed milk is EXPENSIVE and I like that I can make it with powder milk and I’ve even cut down on the amount of sugar that is on the recipe. Also, it has how to make buttermilk and evaporated milk.

Just a quick tip with powder milk, add in small amounts and stir like crazy to avoid clumps. It is sticky and can clump. I’ve found using my magic bullet or blender prevents that from happening. Also, when we were on a really small budget in grad school, we drank powder milk. I added a teaspoon or two to the milk and made sure it was cold and we all loved it.

Hope you can make it to the activity Wednesday. It looks like some fun things to learn about.

~Joy Gleason~

Copy and paste this and it should work if image doesn’t show:


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