Friday Favorites Spotlight by Pam

This week’s spotlight is Sue Gong.


Sue Gong was born in Price, UT where her Dad was starting a flight school.  She left there at 18 months, to move to Montana where he was running a health  spa in a uranium mine. Sue’s childhood continued to be filled with the adventures that accompanied those of her  parents.

At 18 Sue attended BYU where she received a BA in English.  She went off to Hawaii for a year and lived in Boston for another.  She  fulfilled a mission in Uruguary and Paraguay, and then returned to BYU where she received a masters in English.  She was teaching English at BYU  when she met Brian Gong who was helping with a learning and teaching seminar taught by his father.  After the concluding faculty session held in Pajaro Dunes, California, Sue decided she wanted to sleep on the beach.  While Brian thought she was a little crazy, he helped rustle up a sleeping bag for her and quoted to her the W.B Yeats 106-line poem, “A Prayer for My Daughter” under the full moon shining on the dark sea.  That worked.

Sue and Brian were married two years later and raised Gloria Jean, Angela, Ben, and Jacob while Brian  finished school in Palo Alto, Ca and worked in New Jersey, Kentucky, and New Hampshire.    Sue considers New Hampshire her true home since in addition to the fact that she has lived here longer than any one place in her life., her great, great, grandfather left from here in 1832 to walk to Ohio and meet the young prophet, Joseph Smith. The Church is deep in her blood along with the New England culture that she loves.


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