Emergency Essentials order is due this coming Sunday, the 29th.  Give your orders to Sis. Smith in the library.

There will be a linger longer this Sunday after church. Please bring two items of food to the linger longer for all to enjoy.

The next RS activity will take place Wednesday, Aug. 8th at 6:30. We will demonstrate how to use your Emergency Essentials items for every day eating.

Joy Gleason is going to the storehouse/cannery in Worcester on September 8th to can some food for her food storage. She is willing to pick up items for people.  There are copies of the order form  in the library of the items available at the cannery and their prices.  If you are interested, fill out the order form and give the  money to Joy no later than August 31st.

There will be a Stake RS temple trip on September 15th and a ward temple trip on the following Saturday, September 22nd.

The Young Women still need canning jars, both wide mouth and regular mouth in quart and pint sizes.  They don’t need the lids.

They would like to borrow sewing sheers for the weekend of the YW conference next month.   They will be returned promptly.

There is still a need for yard length pieces of fleece for the YW conference, too.

Please bring all items to the YW room.


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