Happy First Monday in July

~Joy Gleason reporting that it’s HOT out there.~

We made it to July! I love July. It is hot and sticky, but there isn’t any sign of snow or chance of snow. I LOVE July.

We just got back from a very fun vacation to visit family in Utah and Idaho and then we boarded the train and rode it back to Boston. One thing we love about vacation is that we get to go out to eat to some of our favorite restaurants. How many of you make lists of restaurants to eat at when on vacation to old stomping grounds? I’m sure I’m not the only one. After a few months of having those favorite dishes, I start to crave them again. I then go to good old Google and start searching for the best recipe that matches and cook them up. Most of the time, I’ve found some great recipes. There are a few that have been deposited in the garbage. I decided to share some of our restaurant “at home” recipes. Hope you enjoy!

Rumbi’s Hawaiin Teriyaki Chicken: This is a Hawaiin grill recipe that I really like. The website also has a recipe for coconut rice. It is so yummy even for breakfast. The veggies and chicken isn’t anything new, but the recipe for the sauce is one of our favorites.

Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana: A winter favorite or whenever you like to eat soup. I love to make this with hot breadsticks and salad. Then I set the table all fancy and it is our night out at Olive Garden!

P.F. Chang’s Lettuce Wraps: I have only been here once because I wasn’t paying. I was very excited to find this recipe.

Gyro’s: We always seem to go to sandwich shops. I think it’s the bread lovers in our home. I love collecting and trying bread recipes and I’ll save those for another time. Lately, I’ve been big on Gyro’s and finding a great recipe. I really like this one. I prefer it with more veggies and omitting the meat.


One Response to “Happy First Monday in July”

  1. aimeeberrett Says:

    Thanks for linking to my recipe. Does that mean you made it? What did you think? We’re just headed home from a vacation too and the food was definitely the best part!

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