Friday spotlight by Pam

Today we have good news to announce.  Bri Lee had her baby early Thursday morning. Both she and baby are doing well.   I don’t have any other particulars about the baby just now.

Our spotlight this week is someone I have known for many, many years. She was one of the first sisters I met when I first joined the church as a senior in high school.  Here is her story in her own words.  Thelma Remick:

Although I, Thelma Louise Leavitt Remick, was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, I consider myself a true “Mainer”.  I’ve lived the bulk of my life on the same road in Eliot, Maine – first at my parents’ home, and then my own home 2 1/2 miles away.

I attended the East Eliot Methodist Church for all of my growing up years.  It was a 10 minute walk from my parents’ home.  I served for several years as the Sunday School Superintendent, and then as a leader of the Methodist Youth Fellowship with David, my husband.

Shortly after David and I were married in 1968, an elderly friend, Goldie Downing, sent the LDS missionaries to our door,.and we took the discussions.  Everything I heard struck a chord in my soul, and I was baptized 17 April 1971 in the font in the large room to the left of the hall leading to the Primary room.  David had no interest in the Church, but our cat, Felicia, was very interested.  She would turn her head to listen very intently to the missionary who was speaking.

My journey to the temple began about 1996 when I decided to learn all I could about temples.  I studied and made a temple notebook, then attended the Temple Preparation Classes taught by Larry Hansen.  LauraLee Slocum and Debra Wolcott went with me to the temple.

My temple appointment was scheduled for 8 A.M. on Friday, the 17th of September 1999.  Then, along came Hurricane Floyd!  Flights were canceled on Thursday and Friday.  Debra called the airlines early Friday morning and discovered that the 6:15 A.M. flight on Saturday which had previously been canceled, was now opened up and she booked us on it.  We got up at 3 A.M. Saturday, were on the road at 4 A.M., and arrived at the Manchester airport by 5 A.M.  We arrived in Baltimore, Maryland at 7:20 A.M., made a wrong turn getting onto Route 495, turned around, and finally arrived at the Washington Temple at 8:40 A.M.  They were waiting for us, so everything moved along very quickly.  After the Endowment Session, we ate lunch in the temple cafeteria, and then decided that after getting up at 3 two mornings in a row, we were too exhausted for a second session.  We purchased garments, walked to the Visitors’ Center, and then drove to the LDS Bookstore nearby.  What a thrill!  All those LDS books in one place!  As we drove out of Baltimore, we saw two rainbows, one bright, the other off to the side and fainter.  There had been no rain – it was a beautiful, sunny day all day – but the two rainbows followed us almost all the way to the airport.  There was a gorgeous sunset as we flew out of Baltimore.

I have served in Primary as a teacher, counselor, and as President for 5 1/2 years.  I have served in Relief Society as a teacher, secretary, counselor, pianist, chorister,  and as President for 2 1/2 years.  I also served in Young Women’s as secretary and pianist.  I have been Ward Organist for nearly 40 years!

The highlights of my life are my 2 daughters, Catherine and Nicole.  Catherine came along after 14 years of marriage.  And then there are my granddaughters, Mkahyla and Hailey, and a grandson, Tristan.

I love reading, learning, painting 3-dimensional pictures on glass, gardening, and genealogy.  Over the years ,since 1986 when I joined the York County Genealogical Society , I have become the Treasurer, Librarian, and now the Editor of our quarterly journal.

Iam grateful for my membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I know the Church is true, that President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet.  I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God for our day.  It never fails to comfort, guide, and thrill me.  I say this in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.




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