Sister spotlight- Sarah Millet

Here is a sister spotlight on Sarah Millet.  It’s in her own words, enjoy-

I grew up in Eagle, Idaho, a town next to Boise, Idaho. I have two older brothers and two younger sisters. My mom is a music teacher, so she taught us all to play musical instruments. I learned the piano and violin at age three and four and later learned the flute at school. Music was a big part of our family life. My mom started orchestra programs in the Eagle and Meridian area and we were very much involved in all of the many orchestra concerts.
When I was in high school my family moved to Preston, Idaho, a small Mormon town by the Utah-Idaho border. After high school I went to Idaho State University and studied music (big surprise).  I met my husband Jon the semester before I graduated. He was a new convert in my singles ward. He is from Maine, but came ISU to study pharmacy. He had many LDS friends at ISU and ended up joining the church. I knew of him, but never met him until my roommate invited him to her birthday party. We realized we had a lot in common. We became good friends, and then had an on-off again relationship.
The next semester I moved to Las Vegas to do my student teaching. Las Vegas had a huge demand for music teachers and has a wonderful, expanding music program in the schools. I was planing on getting a teaching job there when I was finished with my student teaching, but my plans changed. The saying “absence makes the heart grow stronger”  was so true for Jon and I. We were talking on the phone constantly, and he came to visit twice. He was my biggest support. I flew back to Idaho during my spring break, and on April 6th, Jon proposed. I graduated in May, and we were married August 4, 2007 in the Logan Utah temple. Before Jon and I became serious, Jon had already made plans to move back to Maine, so when we were engaged, I decided to follow him here. The rest is history! Addison was born a little more than a year later on September 7th and  I have really learned to love New England. I now love the New England beaches just as much as the Idaho mountains.



By way of announcements-

This Saturday is the scout’s garage sale,

  • Donations are still being accepted, so if you have anything you want to donate, bring it to the church.
  • Donation items can also include baked goods.  Please have them individually wrapped in disposable packaging to make it easier on everyone involved with the sale.  (They don’t want to accidentally sell your favorite pan or serving dish.)
  • If you have a scout, he needs to be at the church this Thursday, June 7th at 6:30 to help with pricing everything for the sale.   This is a VERY big job and they will need all the help they can get.
  • Also, if you have a scout, he will need to be at the church building this Saturday, June 9th by 7:30AM to help get the items ready for the sale to open at 8:00
  • If nothing else, come to shop at the garage sale.  It is this Saturday, June 9th from 8AM-2PM
  • If there are any questions please call Sister Caramagno.  She is working really hard to make this a success.



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