Wednesday Words-The church and the Gospel

This week’s Lesson was on a Talk given by Elder Donald L. Hallstrom titled Converted to His Gospel through His Church (full talk found HERE)


In his talk, Elder Hallstrom says “Sometimes we use the terms gospel and Church interchangeably, but they are not the same. They are, however, exquisitely interconnected, and we need both.”

He latter explains:

“Some have come to think of activity in the Church as the ultimate goal. Therein lies a danger. It is possible to be active in the Church and less active in the gospel. Let me stress: activity in the Church is a highly desirable goal; however, it is insufficient. Activity in the Church is an outward indication of our spiritual desire. If we attend our meetings, hold and fulfill Church responsibilities, and serve others, it is publicly observed.

By contrast, the things of the gospel are usually less visible and more difficult to measure, but they are of greater eternal importance. For example, how much faith do we really have? How repentant are we? How meaningful are the ordinances in our lives? How focused are we on our covenants?”

Elder Hallstrom is not saying that the church is bad, he is saying that we can’t have all that the Father has by simply being active in the church.  We need to also work on developing an understanding of the Gospel so that we have a strong testimony of the Gospel.  His talk points out that activity in the church is a great way to steer us towards our testimony.


By Way of Announcements:

Our ward is responsible for filling a temple worker spot for Thursday.  So if anyone is available to work at the temple on Thursday (tomorrow) from noon-4pm please contact Kashann Casper.  She says she is willing to babysit if you need her to.


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