Sister Spotlight: Joy Gleason









This week’s spotlight will be Sis. Gleason. She was kind enough to provide me with her story for this post. My apologies for the formatting, I’m afraid I need more practice with wordpress.


I grew up in Midway, Utah. I am the youngest of 8 children. I will admit to anyone, the youngest is spoiled, but they deserve to be spoiled. All my siblings have come to this understanding. One week after high school graduation, I moved to Logan, Utah to go to Utah State University. I graduated in Business and Information Technology Education.


My last year of college, I met Brian. A mutual friend tried to set us up and I wasn’t going to support anyone in school, so I wasn’t going on any dates with anyone who was still in school. (This came back to bite me.) After I graduated, I contemplated a mission. Everyone in my family had served a mission and my parents were serving a mission in Mongolia. It was a struggle to decide, but I knew it was the right thing to do. On my 22nd birthday, I left for Georgia.


I got a job teaching in Provo at an at risk high school and as luck would have it, Brian got a teaching position at my old high school and I happened to be living at home until I got enough saved up to move out. We were married after our first year of teaching. Remember how I said I wouldn’t marry someone in school? Technically, Brian wasn’t in school, but was accepted for a masters program. It came back to bite me and it was for more then the 2 year masters program.


We moved to Logan, so Brian could go to USU and I taught math and computer classes in Preston, ID at the middle school for two years. In 2007, Brian was accepted to University of Georgia for a Ph.D. program and we moved when I was 7 months pregnant. We were there 1 1/2 months and had Jocelyn the week before classes started. Perfect Timing!


After four fun and adventurous years in Athens, Georgia which we loved so much, we applied for jobs all along the east coast. All but one of the jobs were at private schools. We had offers, but nothing felt right. Brian applied at UNH and it was the only university job he applied for. We didn’t think he’d get it since the first interview didn’t go so well due to some power outages with a snow storm in Georgia. LIttle did we know, this is where we were supposed to be. It was a hard decision, but we received a clear answer to come here and it was hard to turn down the private school jobs.


Through all this adventurous times, I’ve enjoyed working as a teacher, but I’ve enjoyed staying at home more. It was a huge struggle for me at first, but I started some great hobbies. I love to sew. I am not a pattern follower when it comes to sewing. I prefer to come up with a pattern on my own. I also love to do recycle sewing. I’ve been able to create clothes for Jocelyn by using our old shirts and pants. I’ve made some fun quilts out of old mens shirts and sheets.


I also work from home for as an auditor for a company out of Utah and it’s been a great job for me. It came at the right time for me.


I enjoy exercising. It may not seem like it, but I do. I used to run in college for fun and I was told by a doctor I shouldn’t be running on my ankle, so I stopped. I have decided I may have ankle issues when I am 50 or 60, but I need to enjoy by 30’s and 40’s! We love to go for family bike rides and we’ve found some great trails around here. It’s a workout to pull Jocelyn on some of the trails, but we have fun doing it.


We love camping and we are excited to be in an area that we can actually have a fire while camping. (It’s too warm in GA to have a fire. We would take an AC instead.)



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