Sister Spotlight-Bri Lee

All week I was trying to think of a favorite thing to post for Friday Favorites and as I began this morning I realized that we are doing Sister spotlights on Fridays now instead of favorites.  So I’ll just do me, but next month I will plan ahead and do someone else.

All Bout Bri Lee

  • I grew up in the Seattle area of Washington State and I LOVE that area.  All of my family and Sam’s family still live there, so we are the weird ones who live on the other side of the country.
  • I am the youngest of 4 kids and normally enjoyed being the baby.  I think it taught me to be a good but smart follower.  So I’m content to let other people take the lead, but I know when it’s not smart to follow.
  • I competed in gymnastics all through Jr. High and High school -I was no olympian candidate, but if you want to see a video of my routines I have them posted on my Facebook page
  • I also dove for about 2 years

  • The Christmas after high school I met Sam at the singles ward and we were married the following August

  • After living close to family for about 2 years we headed off to BYU where we both studied and had Gwen

  • While we were there Sam had been trying to convince me that the military life was the way to go.  I resisted heavily, but after about 4 years of him tossing the idea around I realized it was no day dream and that if I didn’t allow him to give it a try he would always regret it.  So he applied for a Program with the US Navy just about 6 months before we graduated and he got in.
  • After graduation the next year of our lives was CRAZY.  Our stuff stayed in storage and we moved 8 times.  I asked myself everyday what I had allowed him to do to our lives.  Once all the trainings and temporary stations were over we settled into a small town in the middle of nowhere where we had Maggie and the Navy gave Sam his first real assignment that would last for a year and a half.  There I realized being in the military is a great life and I was grateful for it.

  • Next we headed off to the California coast for Sam’s first deployment.  We were stationed there for a year and a half, 2/3rds of the time he was gone for deployment, trainings or, or on special assignments.  I found it to be difficult but doable.

  • Now we find ourselves here in Maine where we are welcoming our third child into the Lee family, a boy 🙂  He is due June 25th, just in time for my girls to be out of school and in my hair all day long.  So we have family coming out to help us with the kids for most of the summer.

  • Some of the things I enjoy doing at this point of my life are…
    • sewing
    • blogging
    • playing with/reading to my girls
    • enjoying the fact that Sam gets to be home SO much more often than he used to.
    • playgroup/spending time with other Moms/adults
    • catching up with old friends
    • exploring the area so we can enjoy its beauty and fun for the 2 1/2 years we have left here in Maine
    • day dreaming about where we might find ourselves in the future.
  • Some of the things I don’t like
    • cleaning my house -I’d much rather make a mess than spend time cleaning it up 🙂
    • Static
    • when the inside of my van is cleaned out-I think I depend on the random toys, coats, pens, papers and other things that get collected in it over time, so every time I clean it that means that I actually have to be prepared when I leave the house.
    • Putting my kids to sleep after a long day.  It seems like it should just take 5 minutes, but I takes FOREVER and I am so close to freedom it is hard to be patient with them when they are so silly because they know that they have 100% of my attention.  So I normally have Sam do the scripture story and prayer time part of our routine so it is still a good experience for them.

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