Wednesday Words-Stake Confrence

I thought I’d post today about the topic that was focused on during the adult session of Stake Conference.


The speakers discussed repentance in general, repentance in missionary work, and repentance in temple attendance (meaning we need to do more.)   They tried to explain that it was not that they think we are all bad, but that we are all great people and they wanted to see us become better.  So they explained that one of their goals as a stake presidency was to help the members to “Grow”

I thought this quote was a good way to remind us that

“Rationalization for bad choices will not be effective, but repentance will. Those who repent will be particularly blessed by the Atonement.”

Quentin L. Cook, “Strengthen Faith as You Seek Knowledge,” New Era, Sept. 2008, 6

I thought this was a good quote for the goal of growing because we probably often rationalize why we don’t have time to go to the temple or share the gospel.  And we probably all have room for growth in one of those areas.


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