A few years ago My Mom got me a subscription to Disney’s Family Fun magazine.  We have enjoyed it, here is one of the recipes we found in it.  It is just a guide to making foil dinners and it has some flavor combination ideas.  My kids love it and every time we make them they like me to pull out these pages so they can visually see what seasoning/sauces they want me to prepare and they love deciding for themselves what veggies they will put in their dinner and how much.

Here is the link to the recipes on the Family Fun Website.  Hopefully this reference will give you some good ideas for your next camping trip, backyard BBQ, or even a fun FHE dinner cooked in the oven.


  • No emergency Essential orders this month
  • There will be a linger longer on April 29th
  • If you have any infant girl clothes that you can donate, please bring them in so we can get them to a little girl in need.
  • If you have any garage sale type items you are willing to donate, the boy scouts will be having a garage sale soon and would like any items you are willing to give them.  Bri and Sam Lee will be collecting the donations at their home.  Please bring them by or call them to schedule a pick up.
  • Please make sure to check the building cleaning schedule to see when it is your turn to make our building a nice place to be.


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