Friday Favorites: Ariane C.

My name is Ariane, pronounced (air e in).

I am from St. Louis, Missouri. I have 4 sisters and 4 brothers. I grew up dancing (studio dance and school dance teams) and playing the violin (4th grade thru college Freshman). I like politics as my Mom is an elected official so I was always helping with her campaigns since I was about 10. I grew up participating in the City of Joseph pageant in Nauvoo.  This is where I gained a testimony of the gospel and restoration. I love all kinds of music from classical to 80’s synth pop.  My favorite hymns are Redeemer of Israel and Come Thou Font of Every Blessing.
In 1998, I met Mike at BYU (Provo). He was going to school at Ricks at the time. We were engaged 2 months later and married 4 months later in the St. Louis Temple (this was after our sophomore year). I graduated from BYU in 2000 with a Bachelor’s degree in Film (I went to school with the kids that made Napoleon Dynamite).  My work history consists of working for film festivals and a marketing agency (and a few other jobs here and there).  I enjoyed making TV commercials, radio, web ads, etc.  I quit when I had our daughter, Phoebe.  She is now 2.  She is my best friend, if I am allowed to say that!
I stay home with Phoebe (best job ever).  Phoebe and I stay busy with library story times, activities at the Seacoast Science Center, local play groups, dance classes, sign language, playing at the beach, cooking and shopping! But I continue to do freelance marketing from home (I run the social media – Facebook & Twitter – for a credit union in Maine, as well as write internet articles for a private jet company out of Pease. My current big project is redesigning a website for a local staffing agency.)  I also fly home to St. Louis each November to work the St. Louis International Film Festival.  It’s so fun!
I love to dance, everything from hip hop to swing dancing with my hubby. I love cooking and baking.  I love eating chocolate.  For my 30th birthday, Mike took me to Hershey, PA where I spent the day in their chocolate spa.  Loved it!  
Life before Phoebe, I was a scrapbooker then a blogger.  Now there isn’t time for any of that. I love watching Top Gear BBC (yes, I’m a car nut) and Modern Family. My all-time favorite TV shows were Mad About You (love Paul Reiser) and Wonder Years. My favorite movie is Emma (Gwyneth Paltrow) and All My Loved Ones (Czech film).  Mike says he can’t watch movies with me because I ruin them for him – guess that is my film background.  
I love to travel, domestic and international.  Our most recent trip was to Chile for Mike’s mission reunion.
I love taking drives in our cars.  We love going on Mini rallies in our Mini Cooper.  In a former life, I must have been a rally race car driver, because I like to “drive it like I stole it!”  Ha ha! I’m allergic to animals so it is limiting when it comes to going to people’s homes.  I am also allergic to fish and shellfish.  Not fun when you live near the coast (I grew into the allergy when we moved here.)
I am a big Apple geek.  My iPhone is my universe.  Sadly, I’m always on it.  Whether it is reading news, checking weather, doing social media work, emails, taking photos/video or watching videos and playing games with my daughter, it’s like an appendage to my body!  If there isn’t an app for it, forget it!  
I am a primary teacher (6 year olds) which I admit is not my favorite calling as I’m not good with kids or chaos.  My favorite calling was working with the Young Women.  My husband worked with the YM and me with the YW, and we were the stake youth dance DJs for years.  It was so awesome working with the kids, we really got to know them and hung out with them outside of church activities.  I love Personal Progress and made it my personal mission to help the girls get their medallions. 
We’ve lived in NH for 10 years, recently moved from Dover, before that we lived in California.  We are loving living by the beach in Rye.  But our goal is to move to St. Louis to be near family.  Not sure when that’ll happen. We celebrate 14 years of marriage this August.  (We’re older than we let on…)
Thanks, Ariane, for being our sister spotlight!Image

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