University of Cookie-Friday Favorites


Last year when Sam was gone a lot for work, I decided that I needed to learn a new skill to keep myself going.  I found a website made by a baker who loved to share her secrets on making great looking cookies, a few months later she joined up with other cookie makers and they launched a website together called university of cookie.  It is great, it shows you how to make AMAZING cookies and how to package them so they don’t stick together.

Here are some of the cookies I have made with what I learned from the websites

To do the technique you basically just pipe the outline of your cookie with regular consistency icing, then make your icing runny,put it back in the piping bag and fill in the outline.  leave it for 6-12 hours and it will be dry.  You can package it or add details to the top.














Here are the links to some of their great how to’s

Outlining and filling

How to make royal icing with meringue powder

Royal icing recipe without meringue powder

making cookies without a cookie cutter

easy way to fill your icing bag




Here are the home pages to the 2 websites.

University of cookie-home page to the how to videos

Bake at 350-the original website I found written by Bridget the baker



Give them a try for your next party, the great thing about them is that you can make them a week ahead of time, so you can concentrate on other things for the party.  Happy baking 🙂


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