This week’s Gospel Doctrine lesson was given by our area’s mission president and his wife.  They discussed how important member involvement is in helping those who are investigating the church.  One of the things they encouraged everyone to do was to make a profile.

Here is a link to

If you have not made your own profile, it is easy to do.

  1. go to
  2. scroll down to the bottom of the page.  there you will find some white links against a dark gray background. click on the “create a Profile” link
  3. Now click on the orange link with white writing that says “Create a profile with LDS Account”
  4. Now log in and begin answering questions. (The log in Username and Password will be the same as the one you use on or family  You can add a photo and basically bear your testimony.

you can always save your work and go back to edit it.  Once you publish your profile you can add it to your Facebook page, blog, or other website.  They even have “buttons” you can use as icons to link people to your profile.  Some are cute, some are plain, some have the temple on them.  Here is the one I have on my blog.
I'm a Mormon.

Feel free to click on it and get ideas from my profile to help you create your own profile.

If you have a hard time, ask someone for help.  My husband, Laura Lund and Ginger Johnson all had their iPad’s at church with them this past Sunday and seem to bring them most weeks, so if you ask them to help they could probably sit down with you in the foyer and hold your hand while you make your profile.  But I think you will get the hang of it if you just give it a try.  I think you will find it a great opportunity to search your feelings and think a lot about your own testimony so it will be good for you and investigators.


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