Thursday Thoughts

–by Donna Mitchell

We have just returned from the temple where we had the privilege of visiting with Bishop Waddoups after our endowment session. It was great to catch up on what his family has been doing and to pass on to him how the ward has been growing. He’s going back to Utah in the morning, so there was no hope of seeing him visit us this coming Sunday. But maybe they’ll all make it back this summer…

And now, reflections on last Sunday:

This past Sunday’s Relief Society lesson, Chapter 6 in the Teachings of Presidents of the Church: George Albert Smith, was Sustaining Those Whom the Lord Sustains, specifically our prophets and general authorities. In our discussion, we ended up focusing on sustaining our prophet in spite of differences of “style” or personality which may cause us to question what he is asking us to do, or the difficulty of a task which may take us far out of our comfort zones, like actively promoting Proposition 8 in California, where some of us lived at the time.

Without reading verbatim from the lesson, we came to the same conclusion that is stated on page 59, …”that this work is not the work of man, but it is the work of the Lord; that this Church, that bears the name of Jesus Christ, is directed by him, and he will permit no man or group of men to destroy it. He will not permit the men who preside over his Church to lead the people into error, but he will sustain them with his almighty power.”

And good advice for us to follow in our personal actions is found on page 60: “I know that when my judgment conflicts with the teachings of those that the Lord has given to us to point the way, I should change my course. If I desire salvation I will follow the leaders that our Heavenly Father has given to us, as long as he sustains them.”

Another suggestion that came up, only briefly mentioned in the manual, was to pray for our leaders. They have asked us to do this, they need our support, and the Lord hears our prayers and blesses both our leaders and us because of them. And when they ask us to do difficult things for reasons which we don’t know or understand, we should pray for confirmation that what we are being asked to do is right. We will be more committed to doing those things when we know that they are what the Lord wants us to do.


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