Getting through it all…

~Joy Gleason~

Recently, I came to the conclusion that I can’t hide my struggles. Who wants to be a bother to others? That’s what I was thinking. This particular struggle, infertility, has been a struggle for 3 1/2 years for our family. There are so many people that have similar struggles, but how do I bring it up and ask for help? It became so awkward, but eventually I found a way. After expressing that I needed some support from family and friends, I found so many people that have answered my prayers. One particular friend sent a video called Beautiful Heartbreak by Hilary Weeks. This video is so dear to me and I wanted to share it with you.

Just to give a background, the first sister in the music video is the sister in AZ that was in a plane crash and severely burned and it shows some of her struggles. The second sister, Mariama Kallon, has a heartbreaking story of how she lost her family and then found the church. Both sisters are such an inspiration.

We aren’t alone and it really does help to let others help you. I really feel that many trials are beautiful heartbreaks. It may not seem that way during them and it does get annoying when you hear, “the blessings come after the trials.” I’m sure we’ve all been there. One VERY important part in all of this is that God loves us. He is perfect and He doesn’t make mistakes. That’s what makes everything beautiful. God is perfect and doesn’t make mistakes. I hope we can all remember that.

Enjoy the clip. (Just in case it doesn’t work, here’s the link.)


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