Monday Menus: Pizza Factory breadsticks

by Lori Trauntvein

First of all, sorry this is late. My mom surprised me with a spur of the moment visit so we have all been busy being spoiled by her.  I couldn’t decide what recipe to post so I asked Olivia (5 yrs) what her favorite thing was that I make and she mentioned the breadsticks I made last week.  I am not much of a bread maker, but this recipe showed up on my desktop one day and I impulsively tried it out.  After all, it doesn’t require many ingredients, and for once I had all of them on hand.  You may have heard of the Pizza Factory.  I have only been there once, in St. George, and I don’t remember much about it.  So that isn’t what got me to try this recipe out.  It was just a craving for buttery, cheesy carbs.  And fortunately, they turned out well.  So if you are in the mood for something quick, easy, and yummy, give these a try.



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One Response to “Monday Menus: Pizza Factory breadsticks”

  1. Kelsie B Says:

    My mom made these last night. It’s very similar to the recipe we use for pizza crust… only SO much better. I don’t know if it was the extra sugar or the butter or the fresh garlic or what but these were addictive. Really good recipe. Thanks for posting it!

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