Friday Favorites

I thought I would share two favorite things of mine. One is a TV series on PBS’s Masterpiece Theatre called  Downton Abbey. You can watch it on a weekend night on any PBS station (the second season) or online at PBS. org.   It is only on until the end of this month, but you should watch the first season first, and  you can find that on or on NetFlix.   If you love British dramas, you will love this program.

Another favorite that I will share is the singer Michael Buble.   Kelsie says his voice is smooth, like chocolate and that describes him  perfectly.  He sings the old songs of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and even more modern songs.   His sweet voice is sure to please.

Here’s an example:

Michael Buble – Feeling Good



4 Responses to “Friday Favorites”

  1. Donna Michell Says:

    It’s Downton, not Downtown, which makes it sound like it’s in the middle of a city. As a big English estate, it’s definitely not in a city. The story takes place around World War I.

  2. Nancy Says:

    Yes, we agree, Downton Abbey is very enjoyable, we just found out about it last week. Who is Michael Buble, and how can we hear him?

    • portsmouthwardwomen Says:

      Michael Buble has many CDs out. If you listen to Pandora on the internet, you can choose him as a “radio station”. He had a Christmas special in December that they aired twice on NBC. Don’t know if it is still available online. You can find him on YouTube, too, if you want to check him out. He is really cute, too. Just an extra plus.

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