Friday Favorites (totally random)

— by Donna Mitchell

I am feeling a little brain dead this week, so this will not be very profound, but just a few personal favorites.

My favorite necessary piece of information on a blog: Who wrote it. This especially applies to this blog where we have multiple bloggers. It just helps to have a reference point, to have some idea of where the blogger is coming from. And it helps to get to know that person a little better.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Black raspberry, also a fave of my husband. For those new to this area, this flavor can be found at ice cream stands all over New England. We have missed it when we are out of the area because it is a very regional specialty, unbelievable as it was to me when I first figured it out, trying unsuccessfully to find it in the West.

Favorite type of books: Actually, I like so many types that I really can’t pick one type from novels, mysteries, fantasy, young adult, historical novels, some do-it-yourself books, biographies, and the list goes on.

Favorite pastime: Reading, in case you couldn’t tell.

Favorite online store: They have nice (expensive) pens, paper, high-end office supplies, furniture, some books and games. I only buy their stuff on sale. Mostly I wish I had more money.

Favorite women’s clothing store, where I also buy on sale (my standard MO for clothes shopping): Christopher and Banks. Their clothes fit me. I read an article once that explained that different manufacturers design for different body types. You just have to figure out which manufacturers are designing for your type. I think there is a website somewhere that talks about who designs for which type, but I haven’t tried to find it. I just lucked into this one by wandering into one of their stores while killing time while one of my daughters was at a rehearsal. There’s one in our mall in Newington.

Favorite color: This is a hard one, because as a designer, I tend to think in terms of color combinations. It’s easier to say what’s not a favorite: orange, olive, chartreuse, fushia (clothing). But they all have their uses. White is overused on houses in the Northeast, especially Victorians, which were not usually white originally (just a personal pet peeve, since I want the landscape to be more interesting and the details to show up). Trim shouldn’t be the same color as the basic house.

Favorite outdoor activity (sort of): Going for road trips to look at the beautiful scenery we have in New England. Terry and I both grew up on road trips and subjected our kids to several cross-country trips to bring them up in the way they should go. One favorite type of short road trips with the family used to be visiting ancestor graveyards in New England on Sundays after church. Unfortunately, we were only stationed here (eastern Mass) with the Air Force for four years while our kids were at home. When they come to visit us now, they’re eager to explore.

Favorite season: Fall.

Favorite holiday: Probably Halloween. It’s not too expensive, expectations are not too high, and it’s an opportunity to be very creative on a small scale. I was even willing to sew costumes for my kids.

I hope this hasn’t been too personal or boring. I’ll look for something more useful for my next turn.



One Response to “Friday Favorites (totally random)”

  1. Sue Gong Says:

    Donna. I loved this blog. I loved that YOU PUT YOUR NAME UP FRONT. I’m like you, I always want to know who is writing. I love how personal this is. Everything you said makes me want to talk to you more, see the house, find out what you are reading, learn about your color sense. In general I want to hear more. Love, Sue Gong

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