Friday Favorites: TasteSpotting

TasteSpotting is yet another website and it’s about food.  (Sensing a theme to my life?) But it’s better than just a food blog.  It is a collection of more than 150,000 recipes from food blogs, often with step-by-step photographic instructions.  And it’s updated daily.

For me, this site serves as eye-candy, inspiration, and stress-reliever as well as being a practical resource.

Here are some gems just from the first page of recipes.  (The first of nearly 4,500 pages.)

No Cook Freezer Applesauce

Focaccia da Nonna

Baked Turkey Meatball Bites

Clementine Curd

No really, though.  I’m on TasteSpotting more than I’m on FaceBook.  So…  That’s, you know.  A lot.

-Kelsie Belanger


One Response to “Friday Favorites: TasteSpotting”

  1. Leah Says:

    Kelsie, have you thought about culinary arts school? Add it to an English/writing heavy degree and you can be a serious food critic/author. Mmmm.

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