Contributing a Favorite for Corraling Toys

I just saw this product invented by a mother and I had to share.  This product called Lay-n-Go  works great for the following toys:

Some toys that work great with Lay-n-Go…LEGO® bricks and pieces, Lincoln Log®, Kynex®, Tinker Toys®, Matchbox®, Hotwheels®, Polly Pockets®, Squinkies®, American Girl®, Disney Fairy Collection®, Playmobil®, Star Wars®, LEGO NinjaGo™, Thomas the Train and Friends®, Play-Doh®, Littlest Pet Shop®, Barbie®, Zoobles®, Zhu Zhu Pets®, My Little Pony®, wooden building blocks, action figures, beads, crafts, art supplies, board games, train sets, dolls and doll accessories, stuffed animals, marbles, jacks, puzzles, building sticks and whatever else your imagination can dream up!

Go to or google “lay-n-go” and see the video demonstration.  They have a travel size too!



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