Wednesday Words

As many of you know, we are beginning the study of The Book of Mormon in Sunday school. I speak for all to say we are very blessed to have Sister Lund teach the class. There was a two-part challenge given to the ward to complete a full reading of the Book of Mormon from whatever point you begin. For example, if I am currently reading in Alma 48, I  would continue reading through Alma 47 to complete the challenge. The second part is to hand out one copy of the Book of Mormon this year. Brother Lund, having already shared a BOM over the holidays, gave a great suggestion for making this challenge attainable. He suggested while praying for an opportunity, that we should continually keep a BOM on hand wherever we are we will have a greater chance of sharing a copy if an opportunity should arise. Several copies will be available to take each week during class. I am really looking forward to discussing the BOM as a class and having my testimony grow so much more from each of your experiences and insights.

-Marie Hammill


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