As a former teacher, I was taught the value of children’s literature in a young child’s life. Whether to teach a complex issue or to relate on the same level, children’s literature is a great teaching tool to use. At times I feel like an amateur being a convert never having been taught the gospel from a young age. Now that I have my own children, it’s difficult at times to know what concepts of the gospel are age appropriate for them to learn. I was grateful to have had the opportunity to be a nursery teacher when we moved into the ward. Using the Nursery manual helped to build my confidence in teaching our wee ones the gospel. I have a copy of my own now that I refer to often for FHE, etc.

I love being forced to put the gospel in such simple terms for my three year old Atticus. I know he understands the concepts that we teach him when we do this. He had been repeating a scripture verse back to me every night, he especially loves the verses that begin with “And it came to pass…”, but I wasn’t sure how much he was really learning about the gospel from doing this.

I went looking for alternatives and have discovered a world of LDS Children’s Literature on the internet that I believe will make life a little bit easier when it comes to teaching the gospel to our children. We ordered a couple of board books for Christmas already that have been really useful and has supplemented his scripture study so that he’s being taught the scriptures at his level.

The author is Deanna Draper Buck.

My First Book of Mormon StoriesMy First Story of the First Christmas

My First Story of the First EasterMy First New Testament Stories

Laura Fox recommended this book over a year ago that I’ll plan to purchase in the future:


I hope you find this as useful information. If you have any other titles or ideas for teaching the gospel to young children, please do share!!

Marie Hammill


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  1. Donna Michell Says:

    The families of at least two of my children have used for their scripture study with young children (non-readers) the scripture stories for children which are available from the Church distribution center. They are kind of like comic books, and there are separate books for Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, and I think church history. You could look at some in the Primary closet or possibly our ward library. You can go online to order them. One of the best things is that there is no charge for shipping, and since you live in NH, you won’t pay any sales tax either.

  2. Susan Grant Says:

    I got a couple of these scripture board books for my granddaughter who loves books already at 17 months. She doesn’t even rip pages, but just to be safe the board books are great. She looks through them on her own, and when I am there I read them to her. I don’t think you can start too young. I’m glad we have gospel oriented books for the really little ones.

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