Friday Favorites—Transcendent

Transcendent is a teen paranormal anthology that some writer friends and I put together.  I have a short story in it called, Ryan’s Wish. It’s published by Robot Playground. The book will be coming out in paperback early 2012. (I think there is already a release date, but I’m not sure what it is.)

There are seven authors in this book, of them five are LDS.  I decided since it is “Friday Favorites” and it’s also Christmas-time I would have each of the LDS writers help with Christmas gift-giving ideas. So, each will give a plug for their favorite LDS author or book.

Melanie Marks:

I couldn’t really think of a favorite LDS book—except my own (ha!), The Dating Deal.  But alas, it was published years ago and is now out of print and only available in ebook form from places like Amazon and other on-line bookstores.

HOWEVER my very favorite LDS author is Jannett Rallson.  I love her books so much!  Her books are always fun and full of humor and usually for teens, though she has some novels that she wrote for grown-ups under the name Sierra St. James.  Her books always entertain. If you want a clean, fun read be sure to check her out!

Lani Woodland:

I don’t have any inspirational ones but I did really enjoy Kiss of Stranger by Sarah M. Eden. It is hard to find a clean romance and this one totally satisfied. I loved the characters, the regency setting and Sarah’s writing style. If you are looking for a clean romance then this one is for you.

Wendy Swore:

Among my favorite LDS authors (it’s so hard to choose!) I enjoy Jessica Day George’s books because they make me want to believe in dragons and the power to change things for the better. Sometimes her characters use something as simple as knitting to change the course of their lives and save the day, but it’s done really well.

I also love Shannon Hale’s books (The Goose Girl) because her characters find a special power inside themselves that they must accept and develop with courage to do what’s right in the face of terrible odds.

Anita Stansfield and Annette Lyon are my favorite adult reads in LDS fiction. There’s always a little romance, soul searching, and adventure in each book! I’ll stop now, but the field is rich with awesome LDS authors. Perusing those that belong to Storymakers might be a nice place to start.  {Note from editor (me, Melanie): StoryMakers is the organization we belong to for published LDS authors.}

Wendy’s favorite LDS books: Dragon Slippers, Princess of Glass, Towers of Brierley… There are so many good ones!

Evan Joseph:

Right now I’m reading the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. It’s a juvenile literature series (for ages 9-12, but I love them too) about a nature preserve for magical creatures. He manages to include spiritual truths in the decisions the young characters must face.

(Our other LDS author, Melonie Piper, may be chiming in with her favorites later as I only sent the request out late last night.)

So, Portsmouth ward: what are some of your favorite LDS books/authors?


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9 Responses to “Friday Favorites—Transcendent”

  1. Donna K. Weaver Says:

    Ooo . . . I have loads of favorite LDS authors. One of my favorites is Brandon Sanderson. He write epic fantasy, and I fall in love with his characters.

    There’s also Traci Hunter Abramson, who writes romantic suspense. I read her books aloud to my hubby, and he cries every time. One of my favorites is her Saint Squad series about a team of LDS Navy Seals. She used to work for the CIA and can tell a mean tale.

    For YA, there’s Robison Wells’ “Variant”, Ally Condie’s Matched series (the new one is “Crossed”), Elana Johnson’s “Possession”. These are all dystopian.

    If you’re looking for some fun read for the more seasoned reader, don’t forget to check out Tristi Pinkston’s Secret Sisters mysteries.

    There are many more, but I’ll stop there.

  2. portsmouthwardwomen Says:

    Thanks so much Donna! 🙂

  3. Donna Hatch Says:

    My favorite LDS authors are Janette Rallison, Sarah M. Eden, and Joyce DiPastena. They’re all great story tellers of the romance genre.

  4. Anne Harper Says:

    I love books by Donna Hatch!

  5. portsmouthwardwomen Says:

    Thanks ladies!!!!

  6. Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen Says:

    If you’re a mystery fan, my favorite LDS author is Stephanie Black. Greg Luke’s books are pretty good, too. 🙂

  7. portsmouthwardwomen Says:

    Thanks Ronda! I’m pretty sure we have some mystery fans in the ward! Thanks so much!

  8. kathleen Says:

    I’ve enjoyed Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen’s books, and Melanie, I just ordered THE DATING DEAL in paperback off Amazon! Don’t forget Josi Kilpack, Tristi Pinkston, Nichole Giles, Danyelle Ferguson, RaShelle Workman, Christine Bryant, Ali Cross, Elana Johnson, Rebecca Talley, and so many more LDS authors. Angie Lofthouse has something coming out soon and the stories on her blog are terrific! Lisa Magnum’s series is great. I loved Maze Runner by James Dashner, and loved VARIANT by Rob Wells (Thanks, Wendy!) and Dan Wells has books out, too! LDS authors ROCK!

  9. portsmouthwardwomen Says:

    Wow!!! Thanks for all those Kathleen! (And thanks for buying my book. I hope you like it!) 🙂

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