Wednesday–Words from Molly Gorringe

Saturday me and my husband attended the temple for the first time together. It has been a while since we have both gone and since we have been married for only 8 months it was our first time together. It was the most amazing temple experience I had ever had. Nothing makes more of a difference in my life than having a worthy husband that has a love of the temple just like me. When I was in the celestial room waiting for him I began crying just thinking of how much Heavenly Father has blessed me, then he came in and we just stood there and hugged and cried together. We are going to be sealed in Utah in the summer and are so excited that we have the opportunity to attend the temple many times together before that. The temple is such an amazing place to receive revelation, to go and receive blessings for you and your family, and learn more about the Lord and our life here on earth, and to become closer to our father in heaven. It is such a blessing in our lives to have the opportunity to be sealed to our spouses, the people in our life that would do anything for us, that love us the most and that vow to always be by our side get to be by our side after this life. I am so happy to know that my husband wants that too.  I hope that by reading this, the women AND men of our ward will feel motivated to go to the temple and spend some time doing something that will help those who don’t have a chance to do it for themselves. It is such a good feeling to know you are in the service of your Lord and to know you will receive blessings and guidance for doing so. Nothing is more important in our lives.



2 Responses to “Wednesday–Words from Molly Gorringe”

  1. Susan Grant Says:

    Molly, that is a wonderful experience–thank you for sharing that. I went to the Temple Tuesday. I hadn’t been for over a month. I was sick almost the whole month of November and with so much to do I hadn’t made time to go. I took a vacation day off work so I could go. I did some initiatory work for some ancestors and then took Eliza Watkins who was born in 1858 in England, through the endowment session. She was a cousin of my mother’s father. I was amazed at the power of the Temple to recharge our spiritual batteries and lift us up and give us strength. I’m so grateful for a Temple close by where we can be strengthened and renewed if we just choose to go and partake.

  2. portsmouthwardwomen Says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful message Molly!

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