Tuesday Tips: Kid-Made Wrapping Paper

So, if any of you are like my mom, you probably have all your gifts wrapped and hidden away or tucked under your Christmas tree by now, but just in case you have a last-minute present or your local Walgreens has run out of holiday themed gift bags, here’s a tip for you.

Have your kids draw, paint, stamp, scribble or write all over some paper in Christmas colors and wrap your gifts with that.  If you use printer-sized paper you’ll probably have to use a lot of tape, but it gets the job done.

Or, you could do the decorating yourself.  I’m fond of using brown paper bags that have been cut down the seams and stamping on the blank side (as seen below), but don’t let me complicate it.  Homemade wrapping paper is awesome because it’s so simple.

Kelsie Bee

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