Words of Wisdom Wednesday

This past Sunday was the Christmas Devotional. I didn’t get a chance to watch it live, but the church is so great about providing us many opportunities to watch it. Here is a link to the message.

You will notice that they mention the church is putting out videos of the life of Christ. Here is a link to those videos.

Now to the Words of the Prophet. At the beginning of President Monson’s talk he stated, “Christmas is what we make of it.” The last few Christmas’s in our family have been establishing traditions. When I tell people about some of our traditions, they seemed offended because we don’t follow the norm of Christmas. I believe in what the prophet has said. It is “what we make of it.” We can make it busy and financially unstable. We can make it hard on ourselves. Hopefully, we can all make it uplifting and a joyful time of year. I love the stories that President Monson tells during his talk. It really puts into perspective of making Christmas a joyful time of year.

Our family has more traditions to establish a Christmas that is joyful for everyone in our family and a “Christmas of what we make of it.” Thankfully for prayer and the spirit we each can find how to make Christmas what is good for our families. Most important, let’s all strive to have a more Christ focused Christmas.

I hope everyone gets a chance to watch the Christmas devotional and can also watch the movies they are making about Christ. These would make for some great FHE activities or Sunday afternoon.

Joy Gleason


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