Putting Christ back in Christmas

As a young child, before I was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I always looked forward to Christmas.  Not because of the big guy in the red suit and white beard who brings all the toys, but because it was a time to rejoice in the celebration of our savior’s birth.  Even as a young child, I knew that this is what Christmas was all about.  In fact, although I relished in the fantasy of Santa, I secretly knew in my heart that he was not real.  The true spirit of Christmas was in my heart, it was all about our celebration of Christ’s birth.

As I watch my daughter grow up in the church, I am keenly aware of the secular side of the Christmas holiday season – the commercialism, the political atmosphere that tries to stifle us from saying or labeling anything “Christmas” and demanding and pressuring our society into “holiday” events instead of Christmas events.

Let’s put Christ back into Christmas this year.  Share and read with your children and family the story of Christ’s birth.  Create traditions during the Christmas season that center around our savior instead of gifts around a Christmas tree from a white bearded jolly old fellow named “Clause”.

The next time someone greets you with “Have a nice Holiday”.  Wish them a Merry Christmas.

…”God now gave His gift to the world—that of His Only Begotten Son.   And this divine Son by His very birth on earth gave Himself as the greatest Gift of all time.

He would provide the plan for our salvation. He would give His life that wemight rise from the grave and have a happy life in the eternities, forever.  Who could give more?

What a gift this was! Think what it means to us! We can learn patience,devotion, and faithfulness such as Mary had. And like her Son we canfollow the true gospel principles, being in the world but not of the world…..”

“His Gift to the World”, Elder Mark E. Petersen (1900-84), first published Dec 1983, New Era


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