Friday’s Favorites: Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is usually just another day around our house, unless we search for the good offers and deals around town that day. Many restaurants offer discounts on their menu prices and stores like Lowe’s have special one day coupons. We are especially grateful this year to be invited to the church this evening for a Veteran’s dinner and program.

Maybe it’s because Adam serves active duty in the Coast Guard that we are always reminded of the sacrifice and service of those in the armed forces. Now that we have children who are growing older, the word sacrifice that often defines life in the military is very real to me now. Our military life has been wonderful and we have adjusted to the pros and cons. However, I was just having a conversation with our three year old son yesterday about the inevitability of our being transferred. I may have been putting the cart before the horse by even discussing it with him this young, but it felt very natural. I saw just a glimpse of the difficulty lying ahead of us that we haven’t yet experienced to this degree. As gently and positively as I could explain that we will eventually leave when the Coast Guard decided they no longer need his dad in New Castle, Atticus in his own words couldn’t accept ever having to leave our friends and life her behind. It was good to see his reaction and know that we will need to be well, even more prepared when the time does come to be transferred again.

I think of the quote “better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all” when the time comes to move. This is how I always feel about the places we’ve lived as I grew to love them all. Portsmouth is no exception, in fact, will be our most difficult transfer yet. As in previous stations, we’ve built a life here for ourselves and our young children. I’m afraid we will feel the sting a little stronger as we witness the very real, meaningful relationships and routines we’ve formed become only fond memories of the past.  It is my only hope that our children will mature to eventually see the blessings and benefits, as we have, in having lived in many communities.

-Marie Hammill


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