Friday Favorites: Libraries

I know we’ve praised libraries before, but I’m putting in a special plug for them today.

When my husband was in graduate school, and we had no money, I would bring my boys to the library. I borrowed picture books, movies, CDs, craft books, cookbooks, decorating books, books on special education and child-raising, and novels. My boys went to story hour there. They made creations at the craft tables. They worked on their fine motor skills with the puzzles. They fostered their sense of wonder while gazing into the fish tank.

I loved my library. It saved my sanity as a young mother.

Now that my boys are older, we still depend on our library. My oldest son is a voracious reader; I can’t keep up with him. He brings home stacks and stacks of books from both his school library as well as our town library. My youngest son reads to a dog at our library, and gets books on CD to listen to. Both boys attend a lego club at the library, which is one of the highlights of their week. We borrow movies for family movie night. I do research there.

I still love my library.

It’s time to give back. Next Wednesday, November 9th, we’ll be meeting at the church at 6:15 to carpool over to the Portsmouth library to do a service project for them. We’ll be cleaning the shelves in the Youth Services area. You don’t need to bring anything except yourself. Please, please come support this service project. The library is thrilled to have us come help, and it would mean a lot if we had a good turn out.



2 Responses to “Friday Favorites: Libraries”

  1. Pam Belanger Says:

    A library is a favorite place of mine, too. When my kids were little, and I lived in Hampton, I used to go to the library’s children’s section and take out 30 picture books at a time. I would read them to Jenny and Emily before they would go to bed, and then I would bring the books back the next week and take out 30 more. I got books on tape for my girls, and when we visited, my girls loved to put together the puzzles. And the movie collection was great for me and the kids.
    I go to the same library as Ginger, and I love our little Lee library.
    They are always so friendly there, and I still take out many picture books at a time, only this time I do it when I teach my children’s lit class. They are always willing to find books for me through the inter-library loan system when they don’t have them. When Kelsie and Wade were little, they used to go to the extra activities there, as well. It is a place full of fond memories.

  2. Susan Grant Says:

    Well I have to chime in since I am a librarian and library director in North Hampton. We have a very small cleaning budget and when we get volunteers we often ask them to clean shelves. It is a huge help and makes the library look so much better not dealing with dust and debris in the stacks. Mary Ann List is the director of Portsmouth Public Library and has worked so hard for libraries in New Hampshire doing workshops at professional conferences and hosting co-op meetings of librarians in the seacoast area. She is quick to share her knowledge when asked and just a nice person.

    I love libraries too, and the value for your tax dollar cannot be matched elsewhere. Libraries play a vital role in providing services that people otherwise would not have due to economic circumstances. When I was working on my masters of library science I interviewed the library director in Lewiston, Maine where I was living at the time, and that was one of the first things I learned that really stuck. I knew I was saving money by using the library and that story time was great etc., but didn’t fully realize that libraries can equalize somewhat the difference between the haves and have nots.

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