Friday’s Favorites by Pam

Sitting in my bedroom today, thinking about the many favorite things that I could write about , I realized that one of them is simply the task of walking.  We take for granted the basic blessings Heavenly Father gives us with our bodies.   We never think much about walking, kneeling,  or sitting until  we cannot do them anymore or as easily as we used.  Only then do we  realize how blessed we were.

For those of you who don’t know, I had surgery on my left foot a week ago Wednesday.   I have bunions on both of my feet, and hammer toes had developed as a result. My left foot was the worst. Over 20 years ago I had a bunionectomy performed and my foot was fixed.  The surgery was not that invasive, and I was able to walk on a flat shoe during my recovery, but I was told that if I didn’t get special inserts for my shoes, the bunion would grow back.  It did, and this time it grew worse.  So surgery was the route I decided to take to correct this issue, but this time it was much more invasive and required me to be in a non-weight bearing cast for 8 weeks.  So now I am not able to walk as before, and even though I have a special “hands free” crutch which I am not able to use well enough to be “hands free”, I have to think about every move I make and what I need to do to get from one place to another safely.  I miss being able to walk.

I love being able to walk and to get from place to place.   I love taking my dog for a walk down the street while she smells every smell she can smell.   I love looking at the wild flowers growing on the side of the road, or perhaps the occasional flock of wild turkeys that we will scare as we come down the road.  One time about 5 years ago we were surprised  by a mama bear and her two cubs as they climbed over the edge of the bridge on my road and crossed the street. Cleo and I were at the top of the hill, far enough away from them to be safe, and I yelled at them  and waved my arms at them, trying to scare them away.   It was successful, and they ran away.   I can’t experience any of these things up in my room on my bed.  I can only look out the window at the leaves as they change and fall off the trees.

Autumn is a great time to take a walk.   The trees are beautiful at this time of the year, and every day they change, making each day a new eye treat.  And autumn smells good.    My daughter  Emily came home at the end of September to see the leaves change (She came home a week and a half too early.) and she said she had forgotten how autumn in New Hampshire is much more than just a visual treat.  It touches all five senses.   I love to crunch through the leaves on the side of the road.  I like to throw myself into a raked pile of leaves.   These are things that I will have to enjoy next fall.   The experiences will be so much more appreciated than they ever have been in the past.

Experiences like this teach us to stop taking our blessings for granted.   I love walking, and I can’t wait for the day when I can do it again without the aid of a crutch.



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