Thursday Thoughts by Pam

I wasn’t able to be at church this Sunday as you probably know, and so I did not hear the lesson given by my daughter, Kelsie, in RS.  When I asked her for her sources, she told me to look up the last days on LDS,org.  I did, and I have found this quote from Elder Delbert L. Stapeley from a 1975 talk.   He talks about the signs of the times and the scriptural references.  Then he explained our role as Latter Day Saints in these end times.

“Let us be sure we thoroughly understand the most important things we can do to prepare ourselves for our Lord’s second coming to earth and, by our obedience and faithfulness, escape his punishment.

The following are important considerations. We must set our lives and homes in order. This means a searching of our souls, an admittance of wrongdoing, and repentance where needed. It means keeping all of God’s commandments. It means loving our neighbor. It means living an exemplary life. It means being good husbands and wives. It means teaching and training our children in the ways of righteousness. It means being honest in all our doings, in business and at home. It means spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the peoples of the world.

The Lord has said: “I will hasten my work in its time.” (D&C 88:73.)

There is an urgency in his work. Time is getting short. This sense of urgency in promoting the Lord’s kingdom in these last days does not arise out of panic, but out of a desire to move swiftly and surely to establish and strengthen his kingdom among all people who are seeking the light and truth of the gospel, which is God’s plan of life for all his children.

God will hasten his work by opening the heavens and sending heavenly messengers to his prophets to warn his children to prepare themselves to receive their Lord at his second coming.”


This statement shows how important the gospel is to the world in these wicked times.   The world is rampant with evil, but our refuge and the world’s refuge is in Jesus Christ and his gospel.   Let us remember to grow strong in the gospel, share it with others whenever we can, and to serve  our fellow men.  That is our defense and offense against the evil in the world.

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