Tuesday Tips–Electric pressure cookers by Pam

I have been planning on buying an electric pressure cooker for over  a year, but I kept putting it off until I “could afford it”.  Then this summer I realized after spending a ridiculous amount of money at the Chiles Restaurant on a meal that I didn’t like and couldn’t eat, that I could have bought that pressure cooker with that money alone.  Finally, in the month of September, I searched on Amazon for a good electric pressure cooker and chose the Cuisinart 6  quart pressure cooker. It cost just over $80 and the shipping was free because I have a prime account.

Why a pressure cooker you may ask?

Cooking times are reduced by 1/3 to 1/2.

More nutrients are preserved during the cooking process because less liquid is used, so you don’t lose nutrients to evaporation.

Food is flavorful.

Today’s pressure cookers are safe, unlike our grandmother’s old ones.

I wanted a pressure cooker to cook grains and beans much more quickly so that I could use my food storage.

For example:  I cooked spelt in 24 minutes instead of 90 minutes.   I can cook a cup of unsoaked black beans in 28-32 minutes, soaked in 20-25.


So far I have cooked the rice pilaf, potatoes ( which were absolutely delicious), the spelt, and a roast beef dinner and a beef stew. The beef stew was to die for.   I haven’t cooked since my surgery, but I look forward to being able to cook again, and I will certainly  be using my pressure cooker.

To aid in my pressure cooking adventure, I went to Amazon again to buy a couple of cook books.  Now I have many recipes to work with.

So think about purchasing an electric pressure cooker. If you want to can with your cooker, you will need to buy a much  bigger and more expensive pressure cooker canner. They are the stove top kind.



One Response to “Tuesday Tips–Electric pressure cookers by Pam”

  1. Laynie Bosen Says:

    hi guys.. i am using my nickname because it affords me some privacy on the internet when i comment because the comments on the site are not private…always am careful about that kind of thing.. try to be anyway…( my name is eleni in greek and my family would call me laynie..hence the nickname..you’re my family too so… why not?) … thanks for your post pam! good to see you on here!. i am so glad you finally got your pressure cooker! and i hear you about kicking yourself about spending the money for something for takeout and kicking yourself because you could just have gotten the gadget yourself and made it… i can’t tell you how often i have done that with something! with that said, i look forward to hearing about how to use one because my mother got me one for Christmas last year from qvc and had it sent to me .. i haven’t used it yet.. and would LOVE to get into cooking and learning about different grains.. hoping maybe to pick some tips up from you and that you might teach me? i don’t even know WHERE to get ‘spelt’ and stuff like that ! haha! laynie 😉

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