Thursday Thoughts

I was fortunate to be able to teach the Young Women this past Sunday. The lesson was titled The Word of God as a Standard. It taught that as there are ever so changing standards and worldly philosophies in our society, we can always count on our Heavenly Father’s standards to be unchanging and immovable. I find so much comfort in this as I witness so much confusion in our world. I found a great object lesson to make the message of this lesson clear. I took an orange and dropped it in a bowl of water. After a second or two, it floated up to the top. I explained that the skin of the orange was like a life jacket keeping the orange a float. I likened this to the standards of the church.  Then I peeled the orange and asked the girls what they thought would happen if I put it back in the bowl and it sank of course! It was a reminder to us all that the gospel is our protection that brings happiness and clarity to our lives. We would “sink” if we didn’t have the word of God to be used as a standard in coping with the worldly philosophies and challenges around us.

-Marie Hammill

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