Tuesday Tips: Meal Planning

Since I’ve been able to stay at home since my youngest Harper was born, I’ve taken a real interest in menu planning and making quality meals for my family. We’ve made eating together as a family at the same time each night a priority. I ordered a recipe book by an LDS author called The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner by Liz Edmunds. Not only does she give recipes, but she shows you how to plan organize meals throughout your week using themes as follows:

Monday Comfort Food

Tuesday Italian

Wednesday Fish & Meatless

Thursday Mexican

Friday Pizza

Saturday Grill

Sunday Traditions

This gives you a framework for deciding your meals and something for your family something to look forward to at the end of the day. It makes meal planning so much easier for me to simply choose meals based on your theme. I have also appreciated how she has table talk topics to make mealtimes more meaningful and conversational. Coming up with this list could be a great family home evening activity! Another great tool I have used lately is thesisterscafe.com. Not only do they have delicious, but simple and everyday recipes. They also have meal planning sheets that you can print for free. The last helpful tool I will give is for you meal planners on a budget. This tried and true website gives you a weekly menu and shopping list based on where you shop for $50 a week. You pay $5 a month for 3 months ($15), but all your meal planning and grocery list is made for you! Visit http://e-mealz.com.

-Marie Hammill


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