Friday Favorites: Tights

Once you reach adulthood, choices for legwear become limited. Black stockings. White stockings. Nude stockings. I hate stockings. With cold winters, stockings are ridiculous at best. All they seem to do for me is highlight my goosebumps.

I prefer tights. The problem is finding tights. Here’s a website that sells tights for women and girls in both cotton and wool and cotton-lined wool. I love these tights.


2 Responses to “Friday Favorites: Tights”

  1. Sue Grant Says:

    I buy my tights at Walmart for about $6 a pair. They usually have cotton and microfiber to choose from in black, brown, gray and navy and some patterns too. I don’t even wear nylons anymore either. At the first sign of cold weather I’m wearing tights. I’ve been reading a mystery series written by M.C. Beaton and the main character is always referring to her “tights” but in the UK that means any kind of hosiery or pantyhose.

  2. Ariane Says:

    I’m a thigh highs only kind of girl. No need to torment myself. I’ve found lots of warm ones too, like thick socks. Love them when I am pregnant too! No gut busters!

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